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My golden, 10.5 years old, has been diagnosed with cancer.

Customer Question

My golden, 10.5 years old, has been diagnosed with cancer. He had fluid around his lungs that was drained to get the diagnosis about 2.5 months ago. Vet gave him 1 week - 6 months, but said he would be very surprised if it was 2 months.
Brady gets very very anxious going to vet, so I am hesitant to bring him and put him through that (I have a vet coming to the house when it is time.)
My concern now is yesterday, his neck and jaw suddenly swelled up. I called vet they have me giving him benadryl. This morning, it still swollen on right side and his neck feels like there fluid in there. He is still going outside and wagging tail. His appetite has decreased some and giving him his pain med has become extremely difficult. Is this cause by the cancer or something else? I want to make sure he is comfortable to the end and not sure if I should bring him to the vets office, and subject him to the anxiety he experiences there.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Peter replied 1 year ago.

Welcome and thanks for asking your question. I am sorry to learn Brady has cancer. My name is***** am a licensed veterinarian. I will be glad to answer your question today. First I need to ask you a few questions so that I can be well informed and give you the best advice.
There may be a slight delay between your follow ups and my replies as I type out a thorough reply for you.

1- What type of cancer was he diagnosed?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Brady had the one that effects blood cells. Hemagocarcinoma or something like that. He was diagnosed when he was coughing and I took him to the vet and they drained a lot of fluid from his best cavity that had a lot of blood in it. The get explained this type of cancer generally causes internal bleeding, which probably caused the bleeding in the chest.
Expert:  Dr. Peter replied 1 year ago.

Friend, the swelling you are seeing in the jaw and neck is Edema (fluid between tissues). This is a consequence of having cancer. There are several mechanism of how this happens. It could be caused by a tumor interfering with the lymphatic drainage (system of ducts that moves fluid) or the patient could have low protein in the blood and a result this will cause a fluid shift causing the edema.

Brady should be re-evaluated by family veterinarian to try to find the cause of the edema and treat accordingly. He may need to be placed on a diuretic if he is not on one already to help him eliminate the fluid.

Please do not forget to rate my answer - I hope you found it to be excellent. If there’s more I can do, please use the reply tab and let me know. It’s my goal to provide you with excellent service." Thank you for your business and I hope to work with you again soon!

Dr. Peter