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My pup suddenly can't control her bladder and is lethargic.

Customer Question

My pup suddenly can't control her bladder and is lethargic. She's been house trained for a while now and hasn't gone #1 or #2 indoors in more than month. She's an indoor dog whenever we're home and has made 2 large accidents and little dribbles all over the house when she stands up since yesterday afternoon. Instead of her normal waking me up to take her out for a 6:30am walk she slept through the morning and even now at 9am she isn't playing with toys this morning and is just laying there. When I suggested the walk to her, she got up excitedly and we went out for a short trip around the block so she could do her business and she went pee then about 5 min after getting back into the house she peed in the house again. She's a active dog and goes to dogday care 5 days a week to exercise and socialize. Yesterday I took her to an outdoor baseball field with a bunch of friends and she spent a good 45 min chasing balls, I provided ice water at the time. Is she tired or sick?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  DrMelJ replied 2 years ago.

Hi there. Thanks for the question. Let me see if I can help. It sounds like she might have a urunary tract infection. This is not uncommon in female dogs and causes frequent urination, sometimes lack of control of urunation and fever- leading to lethargy. It's not an emergency situation as long as she keep eating and drinking well but I would recommend getting her Tina vet mon or tues for a urinanalysis and proper treatment. In the meantime, take her outside frequently to try to minimize accidents. I hope this helps. Best wishes.