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Dr. Karing
Dr. Karing, Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
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Experience:  General veterinarian with a special interest in internal medicine and emphasis on individualized care.
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I got an 8 week Morkie 5 days ago. I notices the 2nd day he

Customer Question

I got an 8 week Morkie 5 days ago. I notices the 2nd day he had fleas and was scratching his ears. I took him to the Vet where the confirmed earmites and washed his ears and also gave me Revolution to apply between his shoulder blades. They administered his first round of shots and gave me nutrical to give him since he has not been wanting to eat any of the food I've offered him (other than blueberries). All of this was Saturday. Saturday night he was Fine. Jumping around, ate the most he's eaten since being with us. Sunday he was very mellow. Sleeping more than usual and he already slept a lot. Monday I took him back in because he was literally only waking up to pee and sniff around for a second then going back to sleep. Would not respond to play at all and started vomiting a little his mouth then swallowing it. The vet performed a glucose test which came back normal and from the stress of the needle my puppy fully threw up and the vet said there was a lot of fat and he thinks it's from the nutrical. He also mentioned the puppy should have more teeth than he does and he assumes the puppy is younger than I was told. He gave me a formula to feed him and the puppy drinks it but throws it up pretty much immediatley. When he is sleeping he will randomly jump up and start shaking his head and some clear fluid shakes out( very minimal). I'm taking him back to the Vet today but he says he doesn't know how agressive to be with him. There's no diarrhea associated and no fever.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Karing replied 2 years ago.
Hi there,
I'm sorry your baby is ill. I would be aggressive with diagnostics and treatment at this time. It is very alarming when a young toy breed dog is vomiting and can't keep food down. He will dehydrate quickly not to mention the low blood sugar that you've already been on the outlook for.
Regardless of the presence of diarrhea, I would recommend a fecal test for parasites as well as routine deworming, Snap parvo test, routine blood work to include a chemistry panel, complete blood count and urinalysis as well as x-rays of his chest and abdomen. The x-rays are optional but advised especially if the other diagnostics don't reveal a specific cause of the problem.
Based on the outcome of the results, your puppy may need other tests. I would consider bile acids to check for liver function issues (i.e. small breed dogs can be born with liver shunts that contribute to ill thrift and vomiting) and possibly a baseline cortisol to evaluate for atypical Addison's disease which can also be congenital.
Minimal treatment would be subcutaneous fluids and injectable medication for nausea (e.g. Cerenia) which may get him back on track for 24 hours. However, based on the results of the recommended diagnostics, hospitalization may be considered for supportive care as needed (i.e. intravenous fluids, injectable nausea medication as well as injectable antibiotics and antacids, etc.). This is especially true if any evidence of viral or bacterial infection is present such as a positive parvo test or changes in the white blood cell distribution on complete blood count as well as evaluating for evidence of pneumonia on chest x-rays.
These little guys can be very fragile which is the reason for the rather thorough work-up I've outlined above. Two days of significant illness is a long time for a young tiny dog like this. It is prudent to be thorough in trying to evaluate for illness and providing supportive care.
I hope that the information I provided has been helpful. Please remember to select REPLY TO EXPERT if you have more questions or would like additional information. It is my goal to provide you with the most complete information possible prior to you leaving a feedback rating. If you received all the information you needed, then kindly submit a rating.
Sincerely, Customer
Expert:  Dr. Karing replied 2 years ago.
Hi there,
I wondered how Whitley was doing? Please let me know when you have a chance.
Thank you, Customer