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Andrea Scheer
Andrea Scheer, Dog Veterinarian
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My dog is 11 months old. She just returned home after a 6 day

Customer Question

My dog is 11 months old. She just returned home after a 6 day stay at my son's house. She's an indoor dog but was kept outside. As soon as he brought her home 4 days ago, she threw up brown semi-liquid. Since then she lays under the bed when she's in the house (not usual for her), drinks water with no problem, and is very active when we go outside. She shivers every once in a while also. I've tried giving her brown rice, egg/milk/sugar mixture, and a raw egg by itself. She won't touch any of it. With the rice, she tried to push some of her water in the bowl but still wouldn't eat it. I gave her a bit of peanut butter and she did eat that. Help.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Andrea Scheer replied 2 years ago.
Hello this is Dr. Scheer and I have read your post about your dog.
It sounds like she ate something and is having some gastrointestinal indiscrepancy from it. If you are not able to get her to a vet for medications, you can try giving her Pepcid which is famotidine and is safe for pets. You want to give her about 1 mg per lb. Tablets usually contain 20 mgs or 40 mgs each so a 20 lb dog would get 1 tablet if they are 20 mgs. It will say on the bottle which mg concentration they are. Also make sure you get plain pepcid with the only ingredient being famotidine. You can give her a dose every 12 hours to settle her stomach.
I also recommend trying to feed her only bland foods like boiled chicken breast and plain rice. Or boiled 90%+ lean hamburger and rice. Sugar, egg and milk can all make an upset stomach worse and can cause diarrhea.
If she develops diarrhea, constant vomiting, does not improve in 24 hours or gets worse after a dose with famotidine and a bland diet, it may be more than dietary indescretion and you should consider seeing a vet. Other possibilities include a toxicity, pancreatitis or an intestinal blockage from eating something she shouldn't have. All of these are serious conditions and pets will become very ill and die without prompt veterinary care. Because she is going outside and acting normally at play, I think the more serous conditions are unlikely at this time.
I hope that information was helpful to you and I am here to discuss anything further with you if you would like.
~Dr. Scheer