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I have a 11 year old Shitzu m Mitzy,

Customer Question

Hi ***** I have a 11 year old Shitzu m Mitzy, who has always been a darling but a "strong willed little character ". She never has let me touch her eyes to wipe them, but over the last few years it has been a real problem as she has dry eyes. She is under the care of an ophthalmologist vet here in Adelaide, who has prescribed drops which I have no problem putting in each day. But she gets lots of gluggy stuff around her eyes which then hardens and may poke into her bulgy eyes, so I have tried to clean them, and have the bite marks to prove it ! I have also tried to put a tea towel around her neck to control the snapping, to not much success.
I bought a muzzle but she has absolutely no snout so it does little to restrain her biting me. I have taken her to the groomer regularly and sometimes just to clean them. But I want to avoid these expensive trips and keep her free of the junk near her bulgy eyes.
Any suggestions would be welcome. I was hoping that Dr Harry could actually visit me and show me . I have photos of the little darling , to show you, but cant find a way to attach them to this email Cheers Helen
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  helperDVM replied 2 years ago.
Oh my there is a new course of training for Ms Mitzy in order! One of the best ways to re-reach her is to work with her daily.
Start the training when the two of you are just sitting on the couch watching TV or reading. Gently start to rub her back up to the top of her head. If you plan on using a certain cloth or wipe to clean her eyes keep them on the couch with you. Using the cloth slowly work from an area that she likes for you to rub and push the boundaries every few days. If she lets you get to her face give her a TINY treat or say "good girl" The key is to show her that you are not trying to hurt her and to not make a "big deal" out of going to get the wipes because she knows what that means at this point. It is not an overnight fix but if you take your time you will make fantastic progress!!
Good luck to you and Mitzy!
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