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My dog has maggots in his area and they seem to be borrowing

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My dog has maggots in his rectum area and they seem to be borrowing inside, we took him to a vet who gave him antibiotics and also removed all maggots on the surface. How to kill the maggots that might have gone in? How will they come out??? What to watch out for?

Hello, I'm Dr. Diane and will try to help you. Removing the visible maggots one by one when they come to the surface is one method (although slow and tedious) to remove them. Sometimes flushing the area with saline or dilute disinfectant solution helps to get them out, which your vet may have done as well. Some vets have had success killing them w/ Capstar (a pill) or Ivermectin (but a different dose than the heartworm preventative). I would keep a close eye on your dog, keep him inside as much as possible to prevent re-infestation, keep the area around the rectum clean and dry, and if you see any maggots that you cannot remove manually or flush away with saline, then take him back in tomorrow and ask about treating him with Capstar or Ivermectin. Many dogs are also treated with antibiotics if they have open sores.

Hope this helps and please let me know how he makes out tomorrow!

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The vet has given an injection to kill the maggots that might have gone in. However im curious to know if I will be able to see the dead maggots in his poop. I want to check that they are actually coming out. Also if I need to check his stool

He may have given him Ivermectin by injection. They probably won't be within his poop, since the maggots are just inside the rectum, not passing through the GI tract like poop. But it's possible they may get on the poop, as it's passing through.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi, my dog is severely anemic and has again got a slight swelling in his rectum area. The doctor says that blood transfusion is not required right now. He is having chicken soup, milk and lots of water. He is passing urine. But there is no movement. He is just sleeping throughout the day. He is on antibiotics, given tonics for increasing hunger and for hemoglobin.
What else can we do? What signs does one look for? How long does it take for a dog to recover from this.