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Dr. G.
Dr. G., Dog Veterinarian
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Hv 8yo m schnoodle Who dev uti s 2008 on prob due to steroids

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Hv 8yo m schnoodle Who dev uti
s 2008 on prob due to steroids for skin prob...he has and has had blood in urine comes out at end ..and blood alone...for months...vets say abd ultrasound only nxt step....had neg xrays...395 for test then more to fix....
blood work ok few mo. ago...hv tried to raise$$$ ...get fin aid as h v spent much I don't hv now getting desperate outside Boston
Based on ur answer to similiar ?....any ideas???

Dr. G. :

Hello, my name isXXXXX am a licensed veterinarian and I will try and help you as best as I can.

Dr. G. :

I am sorry to hear Zaid is not doing well. Did he respond to antibiotics in the past? When was he last on antibiotics? Has he had a urinalysis (urine check) since the most recent urinary problem began?

Dr. G. :

I do not see you in the chat. We can often have problems with the chat system if using a mobile device. If there is no response in the next 10 minutes, I will switch to Q&A mode

Customer: He has never stopped having blood ...antbiotics given last summer...prevent has had them many times. Has had two, one whose name of course I can't remember many times.......last a sulfur base in liquid he had twice. Urine tests positive for wbc rbc protein one time protein very hi...bilirubin....can give exact values of last one if u said ultrasound only next step but I feel shld be and shld hv been on them...I feel blood is little more and more frequent. Cray meg for stones Feb 2013 as was urine culture...unbelievably. 400$ for no clue....
Customer: Xray
Customer: Negative
Customer: This has gone on too long
Dr. G. :

I see. x-rays were looking for potential urinary stones, however it appears there are none. chronic use of steroids does often cause urinary tract infections as it suppresses the immune system. The culture is typically done to look for these infections, however can often come back negative. The next step in diagnosis would be an ultrasound, looking mainly for a bladder tumor. It is most likely this is an infection which should resolve with another douse of antibiotics, however if there is no change on the antibiotics, he will need the ultrasound

Dr. G. :

If these infections continue in the future, the steroid dose will need to be lowered or he will need to be put on another medication like cyclosporine to control the skin problems

Dr. G. :

Long term high steroid use can lead some dogs to develop Cushing's disease, which causes a worsening of skin. The steroids can also cause diabetes. Schnauzers in particular are predisposed to both diseases, so it would be best to get him off the steroids if possible

Customer: I know all this....he clearly has and has had infection..for months now prob....the blood never abated as i already said...has not been on steroids since nov 2011.....blood first seen Nov/early dec 2012. The uti s became so he wasn't off need long got another. The blood is what is so upsetting. Is tumor only cause? Could he have a tear or stones just not seen on Xray? I forgot to say on some tests he had crystals once of two types..
Dr. G. :

I see. what type crystals were present?

Customer: Most common one.....then one beg w "o"...sorry names escaping me....
Dr. G. :


Dr. G. :

There are some stones that cannot be seen on x-rays, however they are pretty uncommon and often are seen only in specific breeds or with certain diseases, which does not fit Zaid

Dr. G. :

there are 3 things that will cause blood in the urine in a male dog: urinary stones, infection, or a tumor. An ultrasound would rule out any question of stones that were not visible on x-ray and would also rule out a tumor.

Customer: Yes only once w other....each test and he has had many was little diff from previious crystals ....protein...but all bacteria blooded turbid. What abt blood droppings without urine? That started last said stones entirely possible and not be seen...
Customer: If it was infection only I wld be somewhat ok...seems ultrasound only recourse...
Customer: ASAP
Dr. G. :

Blood dropping without urine is most commonly going to be due to infection or a stone/tumor closer to the end of the penis. Make sure your vet x-rayed the entire penis as well as some vets can miss stones along the urethra if they are only looking at the bladder

Dr. G. :

unfortunately, I think ultrasound is your best bet right now for a diagnosis based on everything you have told me

Customer: Ty will call today.....I never expected to go so long to test done thru vet for $ going to aid apps...8 of like bad mother. Live near Boston...wld u hv any thoughts for test?
Customer: Supposed to get test
Dr. G. :

You're welcome. Veterinary care can get quite expensive, especially without pet insurance, and especially in the boston area where vet costs can be twice as much as the midwest or south. One thing i would try is looking at CareCredit. it is a health care credit card that is accepted by many vets and does a 90 day same as cash promotion.

Customer: I hate txting ...
Customer: They need a cosigner from me.... Wld less fin damaging for me....hv very good payment plans. Ty...
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Hi Suzanne,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Zaid. How is everything going?

Dr. G.

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