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Dr. J. Rokke
Dr. J. Rokke, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
Satisfied Customers: 291
Experience:  I am a small animal veterinarian with 14yrs of experience. I enjoy internal medicine, oncology, geriatric medicine and nutrition
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I have a 4-month old bulldog pup. Other than sleeping on the

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I have a 4-month old bulldog pup. Other than sleeping on the couch or the living room floor, every place I set up for this animal to sleep... she pees in it immediately. I tried putting her in the bed once, and from the time I walked over to shut off the light, she peed. Before I bought her crate, I set up the bathtub with a blanket on one side and a pee pad on the other side, and she peed on the blanket?!? Last night, I tested her out in the crate with just a hand towel. She did urinate, but I think it happened early this morning. Since the crate seemed successful from the whining/crying perspective, I decided this morning to set it up with a thin pad covered with a lap quilt she's familiar with (from sleeping with on the couch). Immediately, her curiosity draws her into the crate; she scratches at the quilt shifting it around, and pees on it. Her house training is going very well. She has nearly no accidents in the house. And she had just been outside to urinate minutes prior to this incident. I'm frustrated having to wash her and the bedding every day. What do I do??? Should I remove all bedding from the crate altogether until she stops?

Dr. J. Rokke :

Hello! My name isXXXXX and I'm a licensed veterinarian with over 13 yrs of experience and I would like to try and help. I'm sorry that you are having to deal with this- quite frustrating I imagine! The good news is that your puppy actually sounds very smart! I agree, that if she is able to sleep through the night on the couch without urinating, she likely does not have a urinary tract infection. Have you noticed any wetness on her vulva throughout the day when she is up and about? The reason I ask this is because bulldogs are prone to something called an ectopic ureter and they will drip urine.

Dr. J. Rokke :

And do you always see her squatting to urinate or is the area where she has been resting just wet and you assumed she urinated?

Dr. J. Rokke :

Are you there?

Dr. J. Rokke :

It appears that you are offline and unable to chat at this time. I will check back in a little while. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Jen Rokke, DVM


I'm sorry. I didn't see your chat appear. I have never noticed her leaking. She always squats to urinate. And when she's in her crate, it's definite squatting that she's doing.


It starts off that she sniffs around the surface, whether that be the blanket or crate mat; she circles repeatedly and then begins furiously scratching it as if she were building a nest; and then she squats and pees. After she did this today, she remained in the crate just sitting there. I checked back later and she was asleep in the crate on the mat. And the blanket on top of the mat where she urinated was in a ball toward the back of the mat.

Dr. J. Rokke : What a stinker! Here is what I would suggest- first be sure the cage is small enough that if she urinates, she will have to sit in it. Just big enough to stand up and make a tight circle. They sell cage dividers if needed. That will hopefully solve the issue after 3-4 days. If no improvement after a week, then I would take everything out of the cage. This is not cruel and is often needed. Make sense?

Definitely makes sense. And it's okay to keep her tightly confined overnight?

Dr. J. Rokke : Absolutely. It is actually a comfort zone for her-- all going back to wild dogs and their den. The cage will become her security blanket. Once she's mastered the potty training for a month or so, give her a little more space.
Dr. J. Rokke : And it may take a few days before there are no more accidents so don't get discouraged

Ok... I will definitely give it a try. Thank you!


Are we able to reconnect after a few days if I continue to struggle? I've never used this site before; so, I wasn't sure if I had to resubmit a new question.

Dr. J. Rokke : Great! Please let me know how things are going and don't hesitate to contact me, even after rating me, with any more questions. Just request me! Thanks and I wish you the best of luck!! Jen Rokke, DVM

Excellent. Will do.

Dr. J. Rokke and other Dog Veterinary Specialists are ready to help you
Thanks for the kind rating and for the bonus! I really appreciate it. I will check back next week and see how Pot Roast is doing. By the way, LOVE the name!

Have a great weekend and I hope you are soon pee free!

Thanks again,
Jen Rokke, DVM