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I have a 15 week old yorkie and he hasnt eaten or drank anything

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I have a 15 week old yorkie and he hasn't eaten or drank anything at all for this is day 6 . I have had him to 2 different vets . he has had IV fluids ....3 shots of antibiotics and was tested for parvo and it came back negative. He has vomited for the last 4 days but isn't getting any better . The vet did an exray of his stomach to make sure there wasn't anything stuck in there and it showed nothing ....I need help
Hello, I'm Dr Ralston.

Was there a complete blood sample drawn other than for parvo.

If so do you have the results of this test?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

no they didn't do any blood work just a stool sample .....but he hasn't had diareah


Thank you for your reply.

In Yorkies, especially this young, I really feel that two tests are necessary.

Unfortunately, it sounds like you have done a lot of testing already, without any answers. This is always frustrating.

But, I think a full blood panel is needed for your Yorkie. This breed very typically will have liver shunting especially when they are young. It can lead to lack of appetite, at times low blood sugar, and in general can cause these young Yorkies to just not feel very well.

In the blood you would be looking for changes in glucose, liver enzymes like ALP, increased bilirubin values. They might want to do a special test called a bile acids test. This tests the overall function of the liver. And is a good place to start.

Liver shunts can be difficult to determine. AND because of this I often also recommend an ultrasound of the abdomen.

This is important for TWO reasons:
1. shunts may not be seen until an ultrasound is completed
2. eventhough an xray has been taken, some foreign bodies do not show up on an xray. Cotton, smaller pieces of rubber, and many other foreign bodies are very hard to see on xray. Bone, metal, and harder or more dense objects show up very well.

So, I do think that the bloodwork, with likely bile acids, and lastly the ultrasound are the way to go. If you can do all of these things that would be even better.

Cost can be an issue, but this is a young dog and might have a very long life ahead of it once treated and diagnosed.

This isn't a diagnosis I offer to you, but just what would be considered the next standard tests in order to find out what is wrong. I don't benefit from recommending these tests in any way as an outside consult on this case. However, your puppy may benefit from them, and that is my goal!

Does that make sense?
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes it does ....thank you

OK good.

Liver shunts can sometimes be fixed surgically. Other times they are not serious and special diets can help.

And, this is one of those times when the answer is not directly apparent to us, so the testing must start to increase to rule out the possibilities. What you have left is the solution.

You will definitely want to watch for wobbliness, incoordination, weakness, twitching, even seizures. These can be due to low blood sugar in these pups. If you see any of these signs it is an emergency. You might try some warm sugar water dripped into the mouth until the signs resolve, very quickly, within 3-5 minutes. Honey can also be used, warmed in water so that it is not thick.
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