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Experience:  I am a Veterinarian and a pet owner. I have practiced cat and dog clinical medicine for over 25 years.
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My dog refuses water and food now. Breed terrier x cairn.7

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My dog refuses water and food now. Breed terrier x cairn.7 years old, weight 12 kg, rescued 2 years ago. Neutered and hernia repair 8/10/2011.
1st Symptom onset at 4 am Sunday GMT continuous vomiting of foamy bile to start with every twenty minutes to 40 mins. He was drinking water on Sunday. We took him to Emergency ( Medivets in our area)after 12 hours as he continued to vomit and his condition got worse. The Vet gave him an injection- Cimetidine and anti emetic ( name not known). Told us to observe him and give him 100 mg cimetidine in one spoon of wet food every 8 hrs and a very small quantity of water as she said water would trigger his response to vomit. We were told to observe him and to bring him in if he vomited 2 hrs after administration of the anti emetic injection. He did vomit a tiny quantity of foam then the vomiting stopped. 19:00 Sunday GMT.
At 5:30 am Monday he was still drinking water but listless and slight groans of pain which we thought was due to the retching the previous day. He went on a couple of walks, where he was desperate to eat grass and was drinking water on his own but refused food.At
at 1 pm he was getting worse and groaning w pain, we then took him at 14:00 to our Vet. The Doctor said he had to run blood tests to rule out pancreatitis, should that be negative he would then X ray our dog to rule out intestinal obstruction. He also said he would put him on an iv drip for which we were thankful and hoping for.
After 3 hrs: results all blood parameters normal, X ray showed calcified hard object (3cm?)in the gut- Vet did not specify in what part exactly but we assumed it was the colon because he was hopeful it would be expelled. He was given a pain killer and anti emetic and rehydration salts. No drip had been given because the Vet said our dog was too nervous and anxious. We were told to pick him up 18:00 GMT and to call Emergency ( MediVets not linked to this Vet surgery ( which we had assumed) and did not have any record of blood works or X ray result done at Richmond Vets , (our vet)when we called at 21:00 as he was refusing water.) We thought medical records would be transparent. We then started to force feed him the rehydration salts with a syringe and managed to give him 50 ml at 22:00. Listened to bowel sounds w stethoscope , could not hear any at this point and started to fear volvulus as our dog was crouched in a sphinx position and in pain. Tenderness over abdominal area , tense but no actual bloating. He passed stools for the first time in 24 hrs at 19:00 after we had taken him to the Vets. At 10-12 pm did not pass urine or defaecate
. Our dog was in pain but now lying on his side and not in a sphinx position anymore. We went to sleep next to him. He was very sleepy -vet said he would be after medication.Breathing was regular. At 3:00 am, he was unresponsive and in a stupor for 15 minutes, teeth clenched, w tongue pressed between. We then force fed him 50 ml of reconstituted rehydration salts through clenched teeth, he was refusing with such resistance to water.
After 15 mins he appeared to regain some energy and we then took him out where he had two bouts of diarrhoea with some semi solid material and urinated 4:00 am. Force fed him another 50 ml of water plus rehydration salts. perked up during walked with more vigour.
Symptoms now: lethargy,fatigue refusal to eat or drink, no vomiting, no fever, doesn't seem in pain, responsive and more alert. Eyes not glazed, no groans of pain
What do we do now? What may be wrong with him? Vet told us to call him at 9:00 am GMT today.
Thank you for any help and advice.

catzanddogz :

Hello, I am Dr. Andrea Russo and I'd like to answer your questions. I am in New York, so the time difference means you may have already been in contact with your vet this morning. I am so sorry to hear about all that Kulfi has been through overnight. I am worried that the possible foreign object that showed up on the x-ray has caused all these symptoms. Today I'd recommend follow-up x-rays to see if it is still visible. In addition, you might consider a course of intravenous fluids - it is possible that despite the oral fluids you were able to get into him, that he is dehydrated at this point. Bloodwork would be helpful to check for electrolyte imbalances and they could be corrected with intravenous fluids. It the object is still visible, he may need surgery. Please let me know how he is doing later today.

Customer: Dear Dr Russo,
Customer: Thank you very much for your reply. We took Kulfi to the Vet this morning at 9:00 GMT when they opened. The Doctor kept him for observation and a follow up X-ray but no blood work.
catzanddogz :

Ok, I am certainly hoping that this was a foreign object he ate and it will pass and he will recover without complications. I do think any kind of fluid therapy would be helpful regardless and intravenous fluid therapy best, XXXXX XXXXX not there to really know the circumstances. If he continues to act lethargic and won't eat or drink on his own, then he may need more intensive treatment to get him past this. Keep me posted I'll be gone for awhile later this morning but back this afternoon and would like to know how he is.

Customer: The X ray showed the object had passed but that there was still gas in his colon. He is in much less discomfort now and is responding well. Kulfi had a bad episode during the early hours of the morning where he appeared to be semi conscious / not responsive/ teeth bared. I force fed him reconstituted rehydration salts 45 ml over 15 mins as he was baring his teeth. This worried me very much as Zi knew he was very dehydrated. Immediately after we took him for a walk where he had two bouts of watery stool at 4:00 am.
Customer: I have asked the Vet several times for an iv drip but he said Kulfi appears well hydrated.
Customer: I am giving him 1000 reconstituted rehydration salts over 24 hours. Would 50 ml per hour be alright?
Customer: Glucose and Potassium sachets( separate ). He is responsive and livelier than before.
catzanddogz :

I'm sorry you and he had to go through all of this. These things always seem to happen on nights and weekends. Sometimes if I know a client has a sick dog that might continue to have problems requiring overnight emergency care, I will lend them their x-rays and copies of their lab results and records to they have them on hand. Fluids can be given under the skin (subcutaneously) as well, this method doesn't work as well but is easier to do and might be helpful. Continue with 50 ml/hr - that can only help. When he is feeling well enough to eat and isn't vomiting, you can try small jars of baby food - like strained meats they start babies with. He might need some anti-nausea mediation such as Cerenia which doesn't affect motility.

catzanddogz :

I'm so glad to hear that he is more responsive and livelier!

catzanddogz :

I think Cerenia is available in the is made by Zoetis (Pfizer) for dogs and cats only.

Customer: Thank you so much. I have just moved from Germany to London and I find the care here quite different to Germany which orientates itself towards the US. You have given me a lot of confidence.
Customer: Thank you. I am a doctor of medicine myself but it's so hard when it comes to these little innocent loving family members who can't speak. I felt do helpless until now and needed guidance.
Customer: I will keep you posted.
Customer: Kindest Regards,
Customer: Dr SuchiCustomer/span>
<span class="JA_chatAuthorName"Customer: They gave him Cerenia
catzanddogz :

I never want to make a judgment about care from another vet without knowing the circumstances but I'm not sure why your vet hasn't wanted to give your dog IV fluids. Some dogs are too lively and bounce around in the cage a lot and will bite out or dislodge their catheters but we'll often put Elizabethian collars on them or use other means to help keep the IV fluid line open. Since you are a physician, you understand how IV fluids can be helpful in so many ways. Imagine the care we would get with these symptoms - IV's are hooked up immediately in the ER or even on the ambulance. Cerenia is a great drug, I'm glad to hear it was available. Keep me posted - I'll be in and out today.

Customer: Thank you so much for all your help and advice. I am extremely grateful.
catzanddogz :

You are so welcome. Speak with you later.

Customer: Kulfi has a very good temperament and it would not have been a problem regarding iv. but the Vet must have had his reasons.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Dear Dr Russo, I tried syringe feeding Kulfi again w 45 ml of water and r.salts. He will not drink, refuses everythingand I am finding it exceedingly difficult to unclench his jaws and squirt the liquid into his mouth he doesn't want to swallow either.I also tried to feed him half a tsp of soft bland oil free scrambeled egg - he refuses completely and keeps the bolus in his mouth.I would like to encourage him to swallow without risking it going into his respiratory system. How should I go about this? How do I get him to unclench his jaws without hurting him? I would like to actually go and demand an I.v. drip as I feel he is dehydrated and he is lethargic - not eaten since Saturday evening.He is on pet plan and I would go completely private to save my pet.I don't want to offend my Vet by doing so though and am in dilemma.
If there is another vet hospital nearby that any of your friends might recommend or a specialty, referral hospital that you can get to - I'd highly recommend going for a "second opinion". They can call for your records. If not or you'd rather stick with your vet, don't be afraid to tell them you really want more intensive care but I'd opt for trying another hospital if you can find a one. Sorry I can't be of more help.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you very much . I think I will opt to go to another clinic in the area. The clinic I am at has an excellent reputation but there has to be a another way.
Hello, I am back at my computer. Thought I'd check in and see how Kulfi is doing.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Dear Dr Russo,
Kulfi is doing much better, I syringed 50 ml of rehydration salts and water throughout the day and most of the night. He has passed stool, 3 times today was springy on his walk, not lethargic, no pain or hunching whilst walking. Stool:
Runny consistency approx 5-10 ml each time, no blood, medium brown colour.
He is not in any pain and responding as normal and quite active considering his ordeal. He ate for the first time today morning at 5:00 am, first a spoonful of Hills hypoallergenic pet food which the vet had prescribed and then ate 2-3 spoon on his own. Not resisting food anymore and seems quite hungry but I will give him small quantities and baby food as you recommended. I will contact both Vet surgeries today and bring him in to check his progress.
Thank you so much again,Doctor you were absolutely great and gave me very good advice. I wish we were round the corner from your surgery and I wish we had more excellent vets like you here.
Kulfi says thank you too. I think he be alright but I still wish they would have given him a drip/ both Vets /surgeries I visited were conservative in their approach and must have had their reasons. I wish if I knew what the reason was though.
Thank you again.

I wrote you an answer then it disappeared so let me repeat it and hope you don't get it twice)
I am so glad to hear that Kulfi is feeling better. Guess we'll never know why they held off on the IV fluid therapy. You might want to consider giving him probiotics. There are several dog products although there is continuing debate as to which is the best intestinal bacteria to supplement dogs with. My dog takes Fortiflora, made by Purina, mixed with her food daily. You can give active culture yogurt or acidophilus or other human probiotics but the dog products might be better. If the loose stools continue your vet might prescribe Flagyl. I'm so glad I could be of help to you. This site offers an opportunity to think things through and have a listening ear when you have to make decisions for your pet. I will check in in a few days. Feel free to ask any additional questions.
Just following up to make sure Kulfi is continuing to recover.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
He has recovered completely. Thank you very much
I am so glad to hear that!! Have a wonderful day.