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I have a Pit Bull and I am TRYING to baby-sit a Pit Bull

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I have a Pit Bull and I am TRYING to 'baby-sit' a Pit Bull for a friend. They do not get along; they fight if they get close to each other. It is a problem keeping them apart. ANY SUGGESTIONS??????
Hello and thank you for asking your question. My name isXXXXX will try to help.
This sounds like a very dangerous situation.
Can you put the dogs out separately? That would help with the barking. Is Bruh living outside?
How long is he going to be at your house?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I do put them out separately, but Bruh knows that they are out and thus the barking. Now, I put Bruh in my car which is in the garage. To get to the back yard, the other dogs have to go through the garage. Bruh is living in the garage. He is here until his owner finds a place to live. I

don't know how long that will be. It has been over a month now!!! Even with Bruh barking incessantly, there is still the problem, because Draino insists on going up to the car, trying to get to Bruh. It is dangerous for me too, trying to keep Draino away from the car even holding on to his collar.

Wow! You are too nice keeping Bruh.
I have a few ideas.
You can keep a basket muzzle on Bruh and/ or Draino. They can still eat, drink, and pant with it on. But they can not do serious damage to each other.
Here is an example of one link
I rescue dobermans and they are big and strong too. I use a "prong collar" to control them. You can buy them at a Pet Store. They will not choke Draino like a choke chain would. But, the work well to control pit bulls and such. I would put that on him, with a leash, to walk him outside.
I have a feeling that all of them may need more exercise as well. Then they would be too tired to fight. I bought a used treadmill and put my dogs on that when I do not have time to run them on a bike. Maybe your friend could come over and at least exercise Bruh. He would bark less if he is exhausted as well. Running in the yard is not as stimulating as walking around the block. In the wild, dogs would run to new places, and explore, all day. So any mental stimulation you can give can help. Obedience training wears them out as well because they have to exercise their brains.
I did not ask but I wanted to make sure everyone is spayed and neutered. That would help too. If not, you can probably find a low cost place to do it. I worked at an SPCA sometimes and they will spay, and neuter, pitts for free.
I also thought you could go to home depot and get some sheets of plastic to put around Bruh's cage so they can not get to each other through the wire of the cage.
I also have a bark collar on one of my dogs as I had a noise complain on my front door one night. You can try a citronella spray type, a vibration type, or a shock type. I have never had any type work except for the shock collar. And while I do not like the idea of the shock collar, I have to respect my neighbors environment.
You can also use a training collar on any of the dogs. Again they make vibrational kinds as well as the shock kinds. I buy the kind where I can push a button and the collar will make a sound. That is the warning to stop chasing the cat or stop ignoring me when I am calling you in the field. If they do not listen, I can do a small shock. Get one where you can change the strength of the shock. What seems to happen is after a few days, I can just put the collar on them and they listen.
You can also put one, or both, on an anti-anxiety medication. You would have to get it from a vet.
I hope this helps.
If you have additional questions, please reply.
Dr. Gabby and other Dog Veterinary Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you, Dr. Gabby!!!! I will try these additional suggestions!!!Q BB

My Pleasure. You are a saint to put up with your friends dog creating drama in your household.

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