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I have a Corgi/mix, she is almost 7yrs old and just had what

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I have a Corgi/mix, she is almost 7yrs old and just had what I think was a seizure. This happened a yr ago and again today. both times, She is sitting on her chair by the window, and comes running out to me stumbling. her muscles tighten up and it lasts for about a min. after, the vomits and has a hard time walking because her hind legs are tight, like cramping. it doesnt seem like anything triggers it as she is just relaxing when it comes on. should I be concerned?
Welcome! My name isXXXXX am a UC Davis graduate, and currently, a Medical Director of a veterinary hospital.

I am sorry to hear about this concern for Stella.
Yes, it is certainly possible that a seizure episode is occurring.

Seizures are generally caused by:
1. Intra-cranial disease (something inside the head including infections, inflammatory conditions, and cancer)
2. Extra-cranial disease (anything outside of the head including organ problems like liver disease, infections, electrolyte abnormalities that can be caused by endocrine disease like Addison's, cancer)

Another consideration is epilepsy:
Epilepsy (When there is no known cause despite all possible screenings tests including MRI and testing CSF fluid for abnormalities). Epilepsy "usually" has an onset of around 2-5 or 6 years of age, although it can start earlier or later.


Generally, a few initial tests need to be performed, and if normal, would help to support that it is epilepsy. Most veterinarians will start with routine blood testing to ensure there is no extra-cranial (anything outside of the brain) causing the problem like liver or kidney disease.

Treatment for seizures does not necessarily start immediately. A life-long medication like Phenobarbital or Potassium Bromide is considered when:
The seizures last for 4-5 minutes or longer, causing increased concern for brain injury
If they occur in clusters
If they are increasing in frequency

Also, her continuing to stumble may not be muscle cramping. Instead, it could be simply part of the time period following a seizure called the "post-ictal period." During this time, that can last a few minutes to even hours, a pet may even seem drunk-like, but they are not in the seizure.

So, I am not overly concerned, but would definitely encourage basic testing as soon as you can to ensure, there are no other systemic (internal) issues that need to be addressed for Stella.

Please let me know if there is anything I did not cover for you. I hope that information has been helpful.
Please remember to select Reply to Expert, if for any reason you need further clarification, have more questions, or were expecting a different type of answer. My goal is to try and provide you the best answer possible.
Dr. Andy

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