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Dr. Dan M.
Dr. Dan M., Veterinarian
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6 week old shitzu got dog foog in throat how do we get it out

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6 week old shitzu got dog foog in throat how do we get it out or down?

I hope I can help with your question and do message me if you have any queries regarding my answer/advice.

If Suzy is bright and alert and sowing no signs of choking then I would not be too concerned and I would monitor her for any future cough that may develop or lethargy that may indicate pneumonia.

If she is hacking and coughing and it seems likely that she is choking then you will need to get her to a vet if there is food stuck in the wind pipe you will not be able to get it out as this would require anaesthesia and endoscopy. If it is a small amount of food that has been inhaled then she may just be given antibiotics as a precaution.

Examine her mouth to self you can see food in it and if so carefully hook it out with your finger.

So to recap, if she is alert and happy then it is unlikely she has inhaled the food and may well have just swallowed it into the stomach.

If she is distressed and struggling to breathe then you will need to get her to a vet.

Good luck and I hope she is OK

Dr Dan Makin
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

To small of puppy to reach down with finger we can feel it in her throat apiece of dog food.


If you can feel it and she is in distress then try placing your fingers behind the lump and gently massaging it forward.

However, you should be absolutely certain it is food as it may be the normal anatomy as the voice box can feel like a lump.

If it is stuck and especially if she is in distress then you have to seek veterinary attention. If it is in the oesophagus and doesn't move it can cause the oesophagus to tear and this would be catastrophic.

Good luck

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