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My 8 yr old toy English spaniel has a dropping platelet count

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My 8 yr old toy English spaniel has a dropping platelet count and increased white blood cells. When I took her in the end of July her platlets were 55,000. X-rays showed nothing and all organs seem to be fine. She has Been on 3 different antibiotics and had more blood tests sent off to test for many things but everything was negative. Her platelets are steadily dropping they went from 55 to 15 to 8 yesterday and her white count was 31,000. We tried a couple weeks ago to do MRI and the anesthetic did not calm her enough to be able to look at her head. I am very worried that her platelets are do low and no answer
Hi there, and thank you for requesting me. At this time, is your veterinarian treating with steroids and/or immunosuppressive medications?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
We tried prednisone a few weeks ago qtr tab twice daily for about 2 weeks. It made her crazy she pottied on the floor and paced and panted. We are starting her back on it today at qtr ran once a day
With a platelet count that low, she really should be hospitalized on IV steroids and immunosuppressive medications like cyclosporine or azathioprine. At this point, I would not be using oral steroids and I would be using IV steroids in the hospital. With a platelet count that low,, she is in danger of a spontaneous bleed into her brain or lungs at any time. She is very critical right now! I would find a place that has 24 hour care and I would admit her to the hospital. This sounds like a case of immune mediated thrombocytopenia, which is treated aggressively with immunosuppressive medications in the hospital.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Is there a chance that kind of therapy could cure that disease ? I live in Rural wyoming there isn't a pet hospital
Yes, these types of medications can put this condition in remission. Even if your veterinarian just hospitalized her during the day, that would be better than nothing. And you should be keeping her as calm and quiet as possible. This is a very serious condition with 30 to 50% mortality rate, but that doesn't mean that your dog won't make it through. I would make sure that your veterinarian is giving your dog 2 mg/kg of prednisone, and have your vet get some azathioprine or cyclosporine from a pharmacy and start there. Best of luck!
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