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My dachshund is 13 and is very sick. Her vets can find nothing.

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My dachshund is 13 and is very sick. Her vets can find nothing. She's has 3 weeks worth of tests and come up empty. She will not eat except for a few bites a day. She has lost 1/3 of her body weight.. Her skin is cold.. Her nose is cool and moist. And appears to have no pain.. She is lathargic and moves only when she must relieve herself. We carry her with us and it doesn't seem to hurt her no painful reactions. I very perplexed. Any ideas . She's has blood work c-scans head to toe. Was on antibiotics and now on prednisone to encourage appitite and something for pain. I'm worried and need some answers. Her vets have seen her all her life.

Hi this is Dr M and I will try to assist you today. The chat did not load in my computer so I will try to help in a question-answer mode.


I do have a few questions:


- Has an specialist seen her?

- Who did the "c-scan"?


I said this because sometimes a second opinion by an specialist may be worth while pursuing. It is better having 4 eyes looking at a problem than just 2.


There are many modalities of imaging. Radiographs are the first line of imaging. There are other types of imaging such as ultrasound, MRI and CT scans. Has any of those be done with her?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes all those imagings have been done The yest were perform by the specialist

My biggest concern based on your history would be cancer. Cancer is a very sneaky disease as it does not cause signs until it is advance enough to affect other body functions. Generally, weight loss is usually present as the cancer may takes some of the body energy to grow. In any case, I would imagine that some of the tests done would have provided some information about her condition or where it is in her body.


I think you are doing everything you can at this point in time. If a true disease problem can not be determine, symptomatic treatment is the only option available. This means to treat each one of the signs noticed. If she does not eat, an appetite stimulant, and so on.


I am happy to repost this question in case any other veterinarian has anything to comment. Please let me know if you would like me to do so. Thanks.

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