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can I give my 26lb adult dog a small doe of hydrocodine with

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can I give my 26lb adult dog a small doe of hydrocodine with acetametaphine for emergency pain relef from a nail she has broken and has been bleeding. after cleaning the area the bleeding hasn stopped but dog is still yelping
Hello there,

You do NOT want to use acetaminophen in dogs. It can cause liver and kidney problems if overdosed. You can give buffered aspirin at 5 mg per pound body weight every 12 hours as needed for pain. It must be given with food. Ascriptin, aspirin coated with Maalox, is best if you can find it.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

will try to get suggested medication. I understand acetaminophen is not recomended.that said if the buffered asprin does not give her relief can I give her a single small dose tonight.till her regular vet can see her tomorrow morning.

If you give the aspirin you cannot give anything else tonight. Acetaminophen and aspirin are both NSAIDs and can never be mixed together or severe stomach ulcers can result. Then you end up with two problems to deal with.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i understand both of your responses. and that your profesional and medical opinion is clear. however my husband is still very concerned that the buffered asprin wont really help her pain level. she has a herniated disc that causes her pain periodically. her vet had prescribed 50mg of tramadol which has worked for her. she hasnt had an episode for some time so I dont have that med right noew or I would haven given her that. does your service have the ability to call that into our pharmacy? if not if we then choose to give her the hydrocodine w?acetaminophen (norco) for one dose for acute pain will I cause her any immediate harm. incase you are wondering why we asked about the Norco my husband has had two knee replacements a a double spine fussion. so the script is ours.

Acetaminophen is not really used in dogs so the effects are not well documented in the pharmacology books. I would not personally give it to my dogs. Only your vet can call in a script for meds by law. I would only give aspirin or nothing at all if you are out of Tramadol.
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