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Dr. Scott
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My 16 yr. old lab is drooling and vomiting a white substance.

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My 16 yr. old lab is drooling and vomiting a white substance. He had surgery to remove most of his bad teeth three weeks ago & recovered quickly. He was fine yesterday but I noticed this morning his neck was wet from drool. I put him outside in the kennel for the past3 hours and found more drooling, white foam piles in his doghouse and white vomit
.He wants to eat again but should I.

Bruce Maltby
Hello there,

Is he able to drink and keep water down?

Does he seem in distress?

Can you see anything stuck inside the mouth?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Good afternoon: Yes he is drinking a normal amount of water and does not seem in distress and there is nothing in his mouth. I did change his food about 10 days ago. I also have been giving him his new prescription for codeine for the last week for mobility for his arthritis.

The diet change is an unlikely cause due to the time frame. The codeine could be the issue. GI upset is the second most common side effect after sedation. He may need to be switched to something easier on the stomach. Ofcourse in a dog this age there are dozens of other possible causes for drooling as well. Kidney problems, stomach ulcers, tumors, liver disease, neurological issues, etc are just a few. I would try 5 mg per 20 pounds of Pepcid AC every 24 hours as needed to settle the stomach. I would hold off on the codeine as long as possible to see if the vomiting then stops. If it does he may need to be switched to Tramadol or methaocarbmol or an NSAID for the arthritis.
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Hi Bruce,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Rio. How is everything going?

Dr. Scott