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Our mixed breed medium sized dog is 14. She has been walked,

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Our mixed breed medium sized dog is 14. She has been walked, exercised and fed good food her entire life and has visited the vet regularly for her vaccinations. That being said, almost overnight she became listless, disoriented, she stopped eating although she would drink water. She did nit want to get up and you could hardly get her to go outside to do her potty etc. she seemed to lose weight quickly and become "frail" and boney. It appears she has sudden sight issues in one eye and has less leg use on that side. Our vet ran blood, urine, stool and took X-rays. The only thing she could find was her kidney enzymes were SLIGHTLY out of wack. The vet put her on a daily regimen of a pro-biotic. Her behavior became better overnight....eating lots, playing with other dogs and chasing rabbits. That lasted for 6 days and ever since it has been on again, off again. This morning she acted like she was chasing a mouse in the house out of the blue! Then she was listless and didn't ,I've or eat again. In the last month she had a Bordatella shot(something she has always,been kept,current on), switched to Revolution for the flea/tick/heart worm treatment and we have taken her off the fish oil and vitamin E we were giving her for her dry skin. The vet has re-checked her blood and the enzymes are now in the normal zone. She appears to have sight issues in one eye but the vet does not think she is blind or has cataracts. She is still weak on the one side as well. I can accept the fact that my dog is aging but to go overnight from a spry young acting 14-year old dog who is jumping on the bed and into the car to a dog that sometimes doesn't know so you are, bumps into things and doesn't want to eat chicken breasts is a bit of a shock. Is there something we are overlooking or is this normal?? Help!!
Hello there,

Sorry to hear about your situation.

Has there been any head tilt or facial droop since this started?

Are the pupils the same size?

Has she been on any medication other than the probiotic for the current issues?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No to the head tilt and facial drooping.

Pupils appear or be same size...don't have a scope, her eyes are brown.

No other medication.

In a dog this age with normal blood tests and radiographs, a brain lesion would be most likely. This could include stroke, head trauma, infection i.e. encephalitis, embolism or an actual brain tumor. Testing and ruling out those causes is not easy or cheap and often the prognosis is not great once a specific diagnosis is made. A specialty center would look into CT scans and spinal taps to start. If the blood tests are now normal, most of these cases are treated with a broad spectrum antibiotic and anti-inflammatory to rule out some of the possible causes. In some parts of the country, fungal infections also have to be ruled out. If the dog has been deteriorating, I would try some oral medications to see if the quality of life improves. You don't get a specific diagnosis but you do rule out some of the possible causes without thousands of dollars in tests.
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Hi Trudy,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Colby. How is everything going?

Dr. Scott