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seems like from a completly heathly state, our dog started

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seems like from a completly heathly state, our dog started taking off on short spurts, like she had been shot, then abnormally she went down in pasture & driveway and just sat motionless. no energy, doesn't want anyone touching her. she has all her shots, vac. for lime & tested negative for lime desease. She is wearing Seresto tick & flea collar. I took a large tick off her the other day, one is still on her. Dry nose, seems like she ate last night, still seemsvery alert to surrondings and her eyes are not dialated. Farm dog in distress
Hello there,

How long has the collar been on her?

Has she been drinking today?

Has the farm been sprayed with anything new recently?

What color are the gums and insides of the lower eyelids?

Any vomiting or diarrhea?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Collar has been on for 5 weeks, outside dog, so don't know about drinking but not that I know of, nothing has been sprayed on pastures, no poisons around or anti-freeze, gums and lower eyelids look normal, no swelling, no vomiting, stools normal

If a farm dog this age, there is a long list of rule outs. Trauma from a kick would be the most common cause. Arthritic changes, fever, infection, anal gland impaction, back pain and insect/spider/snake bites all have to be ruled out. All types of internal organ problems are also possible in a middle aged dog. If she is not drinking much, the problem is serious. There is not much to do at home if she won't eat. Buffered aspirin can be used at 5 mg per pound body weight every 12 hours as needed to rule out fever and pain. It must be given with food to prevent stomach upset. With no vomiting or diarrhea, toxin ingestion and GI problems are unlikely. There are several viruses that go around this time of year we cannot vaccinate against that causes non specific symptoms as well. If she does not perk up with the anti-inflammatory, blood tests and radiographs would be the next step.
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