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I have a 5-yr old Dorkie (Dachshund/Yorkie) who is an incessant

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I have a 5-yr old Dorkie (Dachshund/Yorkie) who is an incessant barker. I have tried everything - EVERYTHING - and hundreds of dollars later he shows no sign of relenting. I am close to losing my wonderful rented house because he is driving the neighbors nuts and I am at my wit's end. I live in Washington State and do not know where to go - I talked to my veterinary clinic- Banfield- and they were understanding but told me they don't do it and know of no one in Bellingham who does. Do I just start calling around? I am hoping that someone knows of a vet within driving distance who would consult with me about it...
Hi, I'm Dr. Friend. We'll come up with a plan for your little one today.

What do you mean, Banfield won't do it? Are you talking about debarking surgery?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry- yes, de-vocalization is what I am looking at! Sorry for the confusion.

No problem! I am working on the situation for you, but I'm having trouble locating someone who will do the surgery. If you are going to have it done, I would recommend using a board certified surgeon. I have called 5 different surgical referral centers around Seattle, and no one is willing to do the procedure.

I am waiting for a call back from one last surgeon still.

I will tell you that there are significant possible side effects from the surgery. Scarring can cause severe reduction of the airway diameter which can be debilitating and dangerous.

The surgery also reduces volume to a degree, but does not eliminate it entirely. Some dogs retain an awful honking sound, which some could argue is worse than the bark!

I'll let you know when I hear back from the last surgeon.
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Well, I haven't found anyone within 80 miles who will do the surgery, nor do they know of anyone locally who does them.

I think another option would be a board certified behaviorist. This is different than a trainer. Your closest behaviorist is, unfortunately, in Portland (there are very few, including Canada). Some behaviorists will also do phone and internet consults, such as this one This website was started by a local behaviorist near me named Dr. Amy Marder. The idea here is that devocalization allows us to avoid addressing the underlying cause of the barking.

Good luck.