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Is there a reason why dogs eat dog will do anything

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Is there a reason why dogs eat dog will do anything to eat the kleenex. He is a one yr. old Standard Poodle. And he EATS it...doesn't chew it...EATS it. I try to keep it away from him as much as I can...but last night he ate some my son had left on the coffee table. Now today he wouldn't eat breakfast (always eats breakfast) and really looks sad. Can you tell me WHY does he eat this? And is it really harmful to him if he does?

Welcome to Just Answer. I'm going to say that this act of eating Kleenex by Teegan is something that quite a few dogs do. They just like the taste / texture / act of eating the Kleenex. Sometimes they can have lotion on them and it adds a scent to it that they like too. If one or two is eaten, they shouldn't be a problem. If a lot are eaten all at once, it could cause issues with a possible blockage. But, it would take quite a few most likely. So overall his sneaking a few every now and then isn't going to cause great issues.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So...should I wait it out? He has NEVER not eaten his breakfast? (I feed twice a day)

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