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My dog has developed a thin red line down one of its legs with

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My dog has developed a thin red line down one of its legs with no obvious cause. The skin has not been broken but it looks like a healing scratch or similar. She licks it constantly and that appears to be making it worse making the fur disappear more. What if anything can we do?
She is a 14kg 5 yr old Basenji.
Sorry Cleo is not feeling well. The red line you describe could be an infection or just inflammation. Also, any red line where she may have had a tick should be looked at.

I would probably take this dog in to be examined. At first, I would probably try 1-2 days or hydrocortisone cream if you can't get into the vet. Otherwise, probably will get some topical steroid and/or antibiotics, depending on how severe it is.

Let me know if you have any more questions. Please rate my answer when you get a chance. Thanks!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

How do I determine if she has had a tick? The line is about at least 10cm long and runs from the top of her front leg downwards.

You may or may not find a tick. It may have already fallen off. Sometimes some tick-borne diseases cause a red ring around where the tick was. This could be Lyme disease. Rocky Mountain spotted fever also can have skin lesions.

If your dog is doing well otherwise, this could be simple inflammation and an infection starting where the dog was licking. Probably a good idea to have your vet look at it.
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