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My pug is very lethargic, has a white blood count of 20, wont

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My pug is very lethargic, has a white blood count of 20, wont eat , she been to the docs but they caqn't seem to find a cause. Any ideas
I'm sorry your dog Molly is sick. White blood cell count of 20,000 (the 20 on the report sheet is in thousands) is quite high but doesn't tell anyone why. It may be what is called stress Leukocytosis (term for high white count) and can be caused by a bacterial infection, a Tick borne disease (Ricketsial organism), something she ate that stressed her system or other things. I take it the liver and kidney values of the blood test were normal as well as the pancreatic values. If so, and abdominal and maybe chest x rays should be done if not done already to look for organ enlargement or even undersized organs and a clear chest field are all important in looking for the causes. Also very important is a complete urinalysis, because a urinary tract infection will often elevate the white count with all else normal. Try to get those antibiotics down but please consider getting a recheck and discuss more testing as I suggested.
Dr. Jay Mawhinney
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
OOps just found out from my wife it is the red blood count thats 20. Thanks in advance for your answer
Actually the red blood cell count would not be that high. (20 million) however the Hematocrit (also called PCV) might be 20 and that is a little low. Anemia can be from liver disease, immune stress or blood loss. A liver or splenic tumor if it ruptures can cause bleeding but usually more severe and life threatening. More likely a flag to really watch her liver function and certainly have this followed carefully. X rays are very important as is retesting this. If she was running a fever, it is important for your veterinarian to rule out blood parasites and tick borne diseases which both will cause anemia (low red blood cell count and moderately low Hematocrit) which it appears your dog has. This plus the follow up urinalysis a good idea. Thanks for the correction and good luck on this. A 20 hematocrit is not lethal but can flag disease and if tick borne disease or blood parasites like Anaplasmosis it needs to be treated.
I hope you were able to get to your veterinarians for an exam and medical workup recheck.