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Dr Scott Nimmo
Dr Scott Nimmo, Dog Veterinarian
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Dog loose stool with mucus

Customer Question

My dog has very loose stools with possibly blood and mucus what could be causing this? Also she seems to have a very loud groggily belly with these symptoms brought on all the sudden tonight. She is an 11 yr old min pin.

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr Scott Nimmo replied 5 years ago.

1. How is she other than the diarrhea? Is she still quite bright and happy?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Yes she seems to be acting mostly like her usual self

Expert:  Dr Scott Nimmo replied 5 years ago.

This sort of thing is always a gamble, if you want to be 100% sure you are doing the right thing you should have your vet check your Min Pin over. However if she is bright and alert and fairly happy other than the diarrhea then the chances are this is not too serious. Diarrhea is very common in the dog.

That said until you can get to the vet I can tell you that there are a number of home remedies for diarrhea in the dog, these work well for uncomplicated cases, where for example a dog has eaten something she should not have out in the yard or some unaccustomed rich foodstuff, or has a minor tummy bug. You can sometimes see mucous and even blood in the diarrhea in these situations.

Here are some examples of common sense remedies.

1. Assuming she is otherwise fairly bright and you might want to try and control the situation with diet alone before you try anything else. This is logical and often works, the basis of this is to give the intestinal tract a complete rest and then bring it back slowly to function, resting the alimentary tract is the critical factor. I have often advised my clients at my clinic to do the following:

A. starve her for 24 hours but make sure she has access to water.

B. The next day feed her four or five small light meals in the day. These meals should be the likes of chicken, fish, scrambled egg etc. with a little rice.

C. If she picks up on this diet gradually reintroduce her normal diet over the next few days.

2. Live yogurt added to the food can often help. Some gastro-enteritis situations are caused by an imbalance in the bacteria in your dog's gut. Live yogurt is full of “good” bacteria and will seed them into your dog's intestinal tract and restore the balance.

Of course if any of the above does not quickly start to work or if your Min Pin deteriorates further in any way you should see your vet ASAP.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

If I take her to my vet later, do you think they will run many tests on her? Could it get very expensive? I also have another dog that has been having slightly runny stools off and on over the last few days and he also vomited once. Could it be something contagious?

Expert:  Dr Scott Nimmo replied 5 years ago.

Well seeing the vet is your best option of course, your vet will examine your dog and then decide on what tests are needed, could be very little could be a lot. No way to know without examining her I am afraid.

If the other dog has had symptoms then yes it could be something contagious, this is not uncommon. Sometimes you can resolve this sort of situation with simple home remedies such as I outlined though.