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My dog is acting weird - Scared and skiddish.

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My dog is all of a sudden acting weird today. Scared, skiddish. She doesn't want to stay or go outside. She flinches at things inside like it startles her. There is a storm coming, I know she doesn't like thunder. But this has been going on since this morning and she doesn't even really want to eat. She isn't acting like she is in pain. She has all of her senses about her, but behaviour is really off. ??


Any vomiting or diarrhea?

Has she been urinating/defecating normally?

Does she get bones, rawhides, or people food?

Is her belly hard to the touch, or soft?

Has it been going on all day, or did it start about the time the storm started rolling in?

Has she had problems with storms or noises in the past?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
She does not have any other symptoms. She is only about 7 mos old so last storm was her first and she didn't like it very much. We just added a new puppy to the family about a week ago and she seems to be avoiding him today. I thought perhaps he hurt her somehow when they were playing? She won't eat her food or treats. She seems "depressed" just today, since this morning. Last night she also seemed to be kind of avoiding the new puppy, jumping on the bed to get a break from him. We figured she was just tired of his energy and torment for the night. She was "hiding" behind my legs outside and kept wanting to come back in. Wouldn't run around when I let her off the leash for some excersise. Just very out of character.

Thanks for answering my questions.

In the absence of any other symptoms, it's hard to know for sure what is going on with her. It's very possible that it's a combination of the storm coming and the new puppy being just too much for her to deal with at this point.

Since she doesn't have any outward symptoms, and because she's young (which essentially rules out things like cancers, underlying disease, ect), I think for tonight, you can just monitor her and see how she's doing in the morning. If she's still acting out of sorts in the morning, then she should see her vet, just to be on the safe side.

Hopefully it's nothing more serious than being emotionally overwhelmed with the oncoming storm and puppy.

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