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Dr. BJ Hughes
Dr. BJ Hughes, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
Satisfied Customers: 4794
Experience:  Licensed w/20 years of experience in private practice/teaching. Strong believer in educating owners.
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My dog ate my monistat vaginal yeast gel tablet and I induced

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My dog ate my monistat vaginal yeast gel tablet and I induced vomiting with hydrogen peroxide about 15 minutes after he ate it. He immediately vomitted 6 times and I believe I saw the rest of the cream come out. He is an 8yr old boxer. He is sleeping now. Is there anything else I should watch for? Thanks because I live about 1hr away from emergency vet.

Dr. BJ Hughes :

Hi there --
Welcome to Just Answers. You are working with Dr. BJ Hughes --

Dr. BJ Hughes :

Is Jax healthy otherwise?

Dr. BJ Hughes :

I understand your concerns -- did he eat one gel capsule?

Customer: Yes he is healthy. He ate the 1day gel capsule with 1200mg of miconizole nitrate cream
Dr. BJ Hughes :

Thank you -- give me a minute to research this product.

Customer: He weighs about 94lbs
Customer: I gave him about 3tablespoons
Dr. BJ Hughes :

Very good -- if the vomiting occured before an hour after ingestion -- then most of the ingested product was likely removed.

Dr. BJ Hughes :

This is not a highly toxic product -- and oral suspensions of miconazole are available for use in dogs (though this is uncommon).

Dr. BJ Hughes :

SO everything should be fine --

Dr. BJ Hughes :

The product is removed from the body within 24 hours after ingestion.

Customer: Within 20 minutes after I noticed what happened he got the peroxide and within 5 min vomitted at least 6 times. Now he is slightly sleepy
Customer: Should I expect any kind of diarrhea
Dr. BJ Hughes :

The amount of this particular product is fairly-- did he eat the entire 1200 mg amount ?

Customer: As far as I could determine
Customer: Should I feed him his regular diet in am?
Dr. BJ Hughes :

Very good -- I did find a toxic oral toxic dosage for miconazole - and this is well below that amount. Most of it should have been removed -- and side effects should be minimal.

Dr. BJ Hughes :

Some mild diarrhea may be seen starting 24 -- 48 hours after ingestion.

Dr. BJ Hughes :

At this time -- giving water and food would be advised. You can give a balnd food (such as cooked white rice) for the next 24 hours.

Customer: Ok thanks so much for your advice and help.
Dr. BJ Hughes :

Since this is an anti fungal product, you may wish to give a probiotic starting tomorrow am., This is a product that will help replenish the normal flora of the intestine.

Dr. BJ Hughes :

These products can be purchased at pet stores.

Dr. BJ Hughes :

or vet clinics (eg. Purina Fortiflora)

Dr. BJ Hughes :

So everything should be ok --

Dr. BJ Hughes :

Is there anything else I might assist you with this evening?

Customer: No thank you. Thanks again,sara
Dr. BJ Hughes :

You are most welcome -- \

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Hi Sara,

I'm just following up on our conversation about Jax. How is everything going?

Dr. BJ Hughes