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CriticalCareVet, ER/ICU Specialist
Category: Dog Veterinary
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my dog has a fever of 104. How should Itreat him?

Resolved Question:

my dog has a fever of 104. How should Itreat him?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  CriticalCareVet replied 5 years ago.

CriticalCareVet :

Welcome to JustAnswer! I am a licensed veterinarian and would be glad to help!

A temperature of 104 is certainly higher than normal (fever) and needs evaluation.

Typically in these cases we recommend admitting them to the hospital, to start on fluids to help lower the temperature.

While we start treatment to help lower the temperature, we need to look for an underlying cause...

- Infection (pneumonia, urinary tract, tick borne disease, etc.)
- Inflammation (pancreatitis, etc)

Fever can at times be frustrating and we need to perform several routine tests in looking for this cause including:
- Bloodwork (CBC - LINK and Chemistry Panel - LINK)
- Evaluation of the urine (LINK)
- Chest X-rays (LINK)

Additional tests can be considered based on the examination or results of the initial tests listed above.

Additional tests (as discussed above) should also be done looking into tick borne disease (LINK):
- Lyme
- Ehrlichia
- Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
- Anaplasma
- Babesia
- Bartonella

- Even potentially a belly ultrasound (LINK) looking for causes such as an abscess / infection or even inflammation such as pancreatitis.

I hope this information helps!

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Then you recomment I take her to the vet now?

CriticalCareVet :

With a 104F fever, yes - absolutely!


So a normal fever would be 103 and below?

CriticalCareVet :

A normal temperature is 100-102.5


okay. Thanks for your help.

CriticalCareVet :

You are very welcome.

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