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My dog has a rash in his groin area.

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My dog has sort of a rash on the inside of his groin area. On one side, the rash is pretty large, and on the other side it's just the size of a quarter maybe. Is there anything I can do besides washing and drying the area?

Hi there,

Thanks for your question regarding your boy who has a rash in his groin! This could have occurred for a number of reasons including trauma or even a contact allergy dermatitis due to a reaction to grasses/pollens. Hopefully you have given it a good wash with a dog shampoo. Once you have patted the area dry gently - you can apply a little neosporin to it twice daily for 3 - 4 days, so long as there aren't any open wounds here. This should be enough to settle this rash down for your boy. If he is licking or irritating the area excessively over the next couple of days however, you will need to get an e-collar for him.

Best of luck with your boy - please just reply if you have any further questions.
Kind regards,

Dr Edwards

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Dr. Edwards,
Those are pictures of Zebo, and the area of the rash. I have been washing the rash usually about twice a day and making sure it's dried. Plus when I see him going for it, I catch his attention to stop. It sort of has me concerned but at this moment and probably for at least a week or two, I won't have any up front money to bring him in to a vet. So I would like to get some clarifications on your thoughts. I don't mind paying for a couple rounds of questions, so I know which way I should go with this.

Thanks for your time.


Hi again Mike,

Thanks for the reply and the pictures! It definitely looks like Zebo has a 'hotspot' down there (we call this a pyoderma in the Veterinary world). I think the best first step is to get an e-collar from your local pet store today if you can to stop him from licking it. The more he licks it, the more moist it will get, making it even trickier to heal. In most of these cases antibiotics are needed, however hopefully this is superficial enough for Zebo not to need them. See if you can get a medicated shampoo from your local pet store as well - although, most of the time you will need a prescription for this. You could also try just warm salty water on the area to try and dry it out a bit ( a teaspoon of salt per cup of warm water usually does the trick). Then apply to neosporin on top once you have dried it all off. Applying the neosporin a couple of times per day in combination with putting an e-collar on zebo should get this sorted. If after 4 - 5 days, things are much the same, you will need to get him seen by a Vet as he will likely need a course of antibiotics.

I hope this helps - please just reply if you need further info.


Dr Edwards
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Couple quick things.

Is this bacterial or fungal? I guess my concern is whether anything 'internal' could cause something like this that I should be more worried about. Or is it just "he's got a rash"...

Another words, it's not a failing liver or kidney or something that could possibly be causing this? Or am I just paranoid? He's literally my best friend and I want to take care of him when he needs it, he's all I got. He's never had anything like this before at all. I keep him pretty clean, groom him all the time for ticks, etc. At first I was panic stricken because I thought it may have been the infamous "Bulls eyes" bite, from a tick. But when I looked closer, I didn't see the internal ring, and was somewhat relieved, but still. I am concerned.

So final thoughts/question.

Is there anything underlying that may be causing this and I should me concerned about? I agree about getting him to a Vet, but I have to wait til funds are available. And I am concerned whether that gap of time could just be causing more damage.

Let me know your final thoughts

Thanks so much for your time Dr. Edwards, it's truly appreciated.


Hi again Mike,

While underlying internal organ problems can cause skin issues - it would be very very unlikely here. This simply looks like an area of superficial dermatitis from am contact allergy or a small wound that has been irritated by him licking the area excessively. Of course an internal problem couldn't be ruled out without a blood test, but if your boy has been happy and health up until now and only has the skin issue as his only symptom, then there isn't much else to worry about here.

If you notice any other symptoms such as drinking and urinating more than usual, vomiting or diarrhea, or if he goes off his food - then do get him seen. Otherwise, treating as above would be fine for now.

I hope this gives you some peace of mind Mike.


Dr Edwards
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Indeed it does. I have noticed a slight increase in his drinking. And he has gone out an eaten some grass and made himself sick in the past week or so. His food has been pretty stable.

I tap his nose every once in a while to see if it's cool/cold, to help me determine how he's feeling.

He's always happy and has been healthy. He needs a booster for his shots again but that's coming too. I will try the salt water and neosporin trick to see if that helps to hold him over, if it clears up, then fantastic, and if not then it will be off to the Vet.

But at least I can try to help him some now until the time comes (if needed) to head to a vet.

Thanks so much Dr. Edwards for your input. You've been a great help with this and helped to relieve my mind some.

Thank you again and take care!

No problem Mike - glad to have been of assistance to you both!

Kind Regards,

Dr Edwards