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My dog has lymphoma, and has become anemic. He is currently

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My dog has lymphoma, and has become anemic. He is currently at 22% and feeling very weak and lethargic. The oncologist has stopped the chemo for a couple weeks to see if his HCT goes up. But he did not recommend anything that I can do to help with this. Aren't there things that I can give him that would help him generate red blood cells? (that are safe to give a dog with lymphoma and chemo)

Welcome to Just Answer. I'm very sorry to hear about Puppy's situation. Unfortunately there really isn't anything that you can do to raise the red blood cell count (anemia is when the red blood cell count is low). The reason for the low count most likely is due to the chemotherapy medications damaging the precursor red blood cells in the bone marrow. Chemo drugs go after rapidly dividing cells - that is what cancer cells are. But, the bone marrow has rapidly dividing cells too that make red blood cells. Letting the bone marrow get over the "toxicity" (chemotherapy is actually a controlled toxicity to the body) is all that can be done to let the red blood cell precursors come back. The Kale and B12 really aren't going to help with this.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for your reply. I am disappointed to hear that there is nothing I can do. Are the Kale and B12 still good to give for other things? I guess I am asking if they won't help the Anemia, would they help make him feel better in other areas. And also, do vitamins and herbs "hurt" anything? All I know is that I can't give antioxidants during the chemo.
The Kale and B12 won't be something that will hurt her. They just won't have a huge impact on the situation. I'm always cautious in starting up something that he hasn't been on before as any supplement could have some effects such as loss of appetite or nausea and that would be the last thing we want.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you very much, I appreciate your help. I feel helpless and wish I could do something more to help him. But it sounds like for this particular side affect, the only thing I can do it wait. Not what I was hoping to hear, but thank you so much for your help.
I'm glad to have helped. I wish I could have had a different answer to give. Puppy is lucky to have you as an owner and vice versa as far as you being lucky to have him. I hope that he continues to fight hard against the lymphoma for as long as he can.
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