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CriticalCareVet, ER/ICU Specialist
Category: Dog Veterinary
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My dogs breath smells like burnt rubber, vaguely chemical

Resolved Question:

My dog's breath smells like burnt rubber, vaguely chemical in nature. It has smelled this way for a little over 24 hours, varying in intensity. Do I need to take him to the vet?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  CriticalCareVet replied 5 years ago.

CriticalCareVet :

Welcome to JustAnswer! I am a licensed veterinarian and would be glad to help!

CriticalCareVet :

Are there other signs of illness?

CriticalCareVet :


CriticalCareVet :


CriticalCareVet :


Customer: He threw up earlier this morning. I have not noticed any major differences in his sleeping or appetite.
CriticalCareVet :

Was this the only vomit episode?

CriticalCareVet :

Is he now eating?

Customer: Random vomitting is not highly unusual for him, as he enjoys eating the hair off of the cat and vomits it up. I usually notice the hairball in the vomit though, and none was there today. He was whining slightly about 10 minutes after the throw up incident. He has not eaten since. That happened around an hour ago.
CriticalCareVet :

From what you report - I am not certain it promotes the need for an ER visit.

CriticalCareVet :

I would be much more concerned if there was continued vomiting.

Customer: The smell is odd in that sometimes you can only smell it up close on his breath and sometimes you can smell it 2-3 feet away from him.
CriticalCareVet :

Typically the smell is dental itself, rather than systemic.

CriticalCareVet :

Unless you are noticing weight loss, increased thirst/urination, or other illness, it would be uncommon at this age for it to be metabolic or systemic

Customer: I'm not seeing any obvious signs on decay and he just had a check up last month. Is there anything I can do? I'm glad he is not ill, however, this smell is strong and off-putting!
CriticalCareVet :

It is not decay, it is bacterial / tartar.

Customer: Ahhhh.... Okay... So tooth brushing and dental bones??
CriticalCareVet :

That would be a likely solution here UNLESS there are other illness signs.

Customer: Okay. I'll keep my eye on other symptoms. Thank you for your help.
CriticalCareVet :

You are very welcome.

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