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Dr. Altman
Dr. Altman, Veterinarian
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Hi Dr Altman...just wanted to know

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Hi Dr Altman...just wanted to know if you received any compensation from me?...I sent this to you personally so hopefully I can get you a few extra dollars...also have an update on Misty...we took her to the vet yesterday...her red blood cell count went up from 10% to 15%...she seems to be getting more strength back every day...her stool is more solid today...she still sleeps most of the time, but does get up and walk a little by herself...

I bought this supplement called is supposed to help buid up her hemoglobin and red blood cell count...I want to give this to Misty...I talked with the woman that formulated this and she said it wouldn't harm Misty, and to give it to her the same as you would to a person...4 capsules a day...the ingerdients are...

vitamin C: 125 mg
vitamin B-3: 2.5mg
vitamin B-6: 3.1mg
Folic Acid: 100mcg
Vitamin B-12: 75mcg
Iron: 2mcg

you can find out more about this at it alright to give her this?

dogdoc4u :

Posting a reply for the Expert so that the Expert can be compensated for (technical problem with that page).

Dr. Altman and other Dog Veterinary Specialists are ready to help you
Thank you very much for the update and compensation. Still having difficulty with that page but I am so glad to hear Misty is doing well. Have you continued to see an improvement?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Dr Altman :)...I'm glad we got this mess straightened out about compensating you!

Misty is doing well...she gets a little stronger every day...her appetite is back to normal...her stool is solid...her gums are getting more pink...she still doesn't have much energy or stamina...but still a looooooooong way from where we started!...we are taking her back to the vet tomorrow to have her blood checked...the only thing that kind of bothers me is that sometimes she she's cold...or in pain?...must be from the drugs she's taking...I'll let you know what the vet says tomorrow...

The shivering is normal with the steroids unfortunately. Hopefully you will be able to taper her dose once her anemia has resolved and that clinical sign will resolve...

I will keep my fingers crossed she continues to improve!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Dr Altman...we took Misty to the vet on Wed...her red bloodcell count was up from 15% to 27%...she continues to improve every day...the only problem we see is that after we give her the meds; she begins pant, and starts to shiver...the vet lowered the steroid from 40mg a day to 30mg...when Carole picked up the prescription for Misty the pharmacist thought the dosage was too high for such a small dog (28 lbs) this too much for her???...Carole also makes dog food for Misty...she mixes rice with carrots, peas, meat...usually chicken or ground beef...the majority of it is this harmful for Misty to eat with such a high dose of steroids?...if so...what should we be feeding her?
That actually is an extremely high dose for her size. The high end dose for a dog her size being treated for IMHA is 25 mg daily (can be split into two doses daily)...

Would you consider seeing an internist if there is one available in your area? This is making me a little nervous...I can get you a list if you tell me where you are located. She should be on azathioprine or cyclosporine as the steroids are reduced for more longterm treatment.

I am so very happy for you all that she is improving so quickly! I really would like to see her continue and not relapse and am worried your veterinarian might not have any experience with this process...

The food is fine at this point, definitely not a concern in comparison to the steroids.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Misty takes Prednisone twice a day...1x20mg...1x10mg...also azathioprine every other day...once a day...don't know the dosage...along with the pepcid ac...should we cut down on the prednisone???


I guess we would consider an internist...I'm worried about her liver!...we live in Kenosha, Wisconsin...between Chicago and Milwaukee....

OK, I will look this afternoon. Booked with appointments today :)

How far are you willing to travel? Glad azathioprine was initiated, I would not reduce the reduce the pred at this point, perhaps in a few more days...but we'll talk before then...
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
right now we are travelling around 30 mi to the not much more than that, if we have to take her on a weekly basis....I take my cat to this same veterinary hospital, but have never seen this particular veterinarian, before we took Misty there...I hate to keep on questioning her decisions...should we look for another vet... besides an internist?...
I understand your hesitation. I think if you feel comfortable with the clinic, you should specifically request the vet you want to see. A lot of people do this at multiple veterinary clinic practices and most are not offended by it. You prefer a specific doctor, just like going to your general practitioner. You are her advocate so whatever you feel best with.

Perhaps ask the vet you have been seeing to discuss your case with the vet you trust and call you back to review your concerns, re the steroid dose?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi Dr Altman...just wanted to let you know what's going on with Misty...We talked to the clinic we take Misty to, and asked if we could see a different veterinarian...we did not take her there this past week...we have an appointment for this comingTuesday with the new vet...Misty seems to be doing fine...her gums are a lot pinker...but her stool seems to be pretty loose though...looser than it has been the past couple of weeks...there is also a lot of undigested rice in her stool...she also started favoring her right back leg(limping)...don't know if this has anything to to with the meds...or her liver...maybe a strain?...she also seems to be drinking more water than usual...should we be concerned about any of this?...we have NOT lowered the dose of prednisone since we last corresponded...she is still on 30mgs a day...
Glad to hear you are seeking another opinion on her care and she continues to improve...

1.) Loose stool could be related to the steroids. I would recommend bringing a sample with you to your appointment Tuesday (fresh or refrigerated) as dogs that are on steroids are much more susceptible to infection and she could have picked something up at any point and it is now something she cannot fight but appropriate treatment based on what is found would be advised.
2.) Lameness is unlikely related to the medications and more a strain/ sprain of some kind. This will also be evaluated by your new vet Tuesday. Unfortunately no additional pain medications can be given since she is already on prednisone
3.) Increased water intake is definitely a sign of steroid use
4.) Perhaps trying her on 15 mg every 12 hours will help with the loose stool. I tend to be a minimalist so a lower dose more frequently is easier on the liver, stomach,etc. and when she is tapered it is easier to taper slowly when she is on the lower dose more frequent.

Keep me updated!