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Dr. Jenn
Dr. Jenn, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
Satisfied Customers: 5689
Experience:  Practicing small animal medicine since 2004, also involved in working with rescue groups.
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My dog has a small white hard bump on his head. It had a little

Resolved Question:

My dog has a small white hard bump on his head. It had a little blood coming out of one side like maybe he scratched it. It looks a little like cauliflower with two bumps that kind of remind me of a pimple. I am freaking out. Does that sound like a tumor or a tick bite or what? The only other thing I have noticed is he seems to be drinking more. Help
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Jenn replied 5 years ago.

Dr. Jenn :

HI there

Dr. Jenn :

How long has the lump been there?

Customer: I'm not sure just found it tonight. It ie right above his eyes but probably a thumbs distance. He had a thing remove once from his lip that was nothing about 2 years ago and he had a small lump that had a biopsy that they said was nothing.
Customer: Hi I'm new with this sorry
Customer: It kind of look like a white head pimple with two heads
Customer: R u still here?
Customer: Am I suppose to look somewhere for the responses?
Customer: He some times licks one of his back feet and then he will be doing it awhile and he will let out a yelp. I think it probably unrelated. I am waiting to hear what you think it is and if I should put that medicine on it?
Dr. Jenn :

We could be dealing a wart type of growth.

Dr. Jenn :

They can become ulcerated-it is fine to apply a triple antibiotic ointment to the area twice daily.

Customer: Would a wart bleed if he scratched it and is the gentomicin ok to use? Then what?
Dr. Jenn :

He should be seen by a vet-as they can actually take a sample from the lump and lok under the microscope to get a better idea of what we rea dealing with. It may be able to be surgically removed. The gentomycin is fine to use. Warts can bleed.

Customer: Is that what gentomicin is or do you mean neosporin?
Dr. Jenn :

The drinking more is a separate issue-in which his urine should be tested-as this could be a sign of diabetes.

Dr. Jenn :

Either medication is fine to use.

Customer: Last question why do they get them and is it possible he has one on his foot too.
Customer: Diabetes in a dog? How do they treat that
Dr. Jenn :

age can come with warts.

Dr. Jenn :

Diabetes is treatable, insulin shots daily-very easy to do!

Customer: Ok thank you
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