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Is Arthro-IonX safe and effective?

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Is Arthro-IonX safe and effective?
This is always one of the problems we run into with homepathic medicine. There are many medications which work and do wonders! But there are some that really just don't.

There is also usually a lack of research in this area. Drug companies do research on the products they want to sell. They can't sell herbs and stuff you could grow in your yard really, so they don't do research on them.

On the human side the ingredients of this product have been tested and FDA approved as safe (for people)

From the product website:
FDA-Recognized Homeopathic Ingredients

The homeopathic ingredients in Arthro-IonX™ are the key to your pet’s success. All of our homeopathic ingredients are recognized by the FDA, listed with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, and indicated in the Homeopathic Materia Medica to relieve arthritis pain & inflammation and restore comfort and mobility in pets.


Effectiveness is hard to determine too. Because the tests are not established and as reliable for these products I will tell you that nobody really knows for sure.


BUT, I have seen great success with other natural products. Chondroiton sulfate, glucosamine, MSM, ASU together do wonders I believe. The top maker of the Veterinary product is cosequin. You might want to see their website (Click here)


You can find cosequinn online at 1800petmeds.

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This one here is a good option (Click here for product)

And you can see what I mean.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Great thanks, can this be combined with Rimadyl (sp?) for her pain or does this pill do it all for her? :) thanks
Absolutely! They can both be combined.

So Rimadyl (you got it right) is an NSAID... sort of like aspirin, more like ibuprofen, but SAFER for dogs. Dogs can't take ibuprofen, it's toxic to them. And aspirin is likely to cause stomach ulcers when given for a long time.

Rimadyl targets very specific pain receptors in a dog, and therefore treats the pain better than other meds can. For that reason, I think it is pretty cool.

The natural medications are anti-inflammatory too, but nobody is really sure how. They also help to increase flexibility of ligaments, increase joint fluid for cushion, and strengthen the cartilliage found inside the joints.

In this way, fish oil can be supplemented as well. It seems to help too. Doses are hard to determine, but most commercial fish oil will have doses listed right on the bottle.

After having your pet on these natural meds for 2-3 months you could try weaning off of the Rimadyl to see if it's needed. Some pets with early arthritic changes will do just fine on the Cosequin without the Rimadyl. Go slowly though when reducing the Rimadyl, because you might find that you can get it to work at a very low level (maybe 1/2 or 1/4 of what you expect) when given with the other meds..

I always tell people to try to wean to the lowest effective dose to save on cost of meds, and to protect the pets liver over time. On harder days you can always go back to the prescribed dose.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Awesome-thank you.
You're welcome! Thank you for the accept.