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BestFriendsVet, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
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Experience:  In small animal practice since 2003
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My dog is making choking / coughing sounds.

Customer Question

My dog is making intermittent choking/coughing sounds.. these episodes last less than a minute.maybe every half an hour or so/ in between her breathing seems unlabored, she doesn't seem to be in pain..she just seems like she doesn't feel well... not drinking water ,since espisodes started and would not take it when offered... I was just going to keep watching her.. should I be more concerned.Should she be taken to an er
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  BestFriendsVet replied 5 years ago.

I'm sorry your dog isn't feeling well. Has she been at a dog park, kennel, groomer, or anywhere around lots of other dogs recently?

JACUSTOMER-1bnhbksb- :
No, however my other dog was at the groomer on friday

BestFriendsVet :
I'm assuming your other dog is not coughing?

JACUSTOMER-1bnhbksb- :

BestFriendsVet :
Check your dog's gums and tell me if they're nice and pink (good), or if they're pale or greyish (bad).

JACUSTOMER-1bnhbksb- :
It almost sounds as if she is trying to 'cough' something up

JACUSTOMER-1bnhbksb- :
appear pink

BestFriendsVet :
OK, good. That means she's transferring oxygen adequately in her lungs.

And she's not breathing more rapidly than normal?

It sounds like something has irritated her throat or her windpipe at some point recently.

JACUSTOMER-1bnhbksb- :
not at all, I have been watching her breathing for awhile... really seems even and unlabored..

BestFriendsVet :
If it were a solid object that is still there, you'd likely see her pawing at her mouth and salivating.

JACUSTOMER-1bnhbksb- :
I have seen nothing like that.. just was concerned ,since this is new.. and she seems somewhat lethargic ,,, like she just dosen't feel well.

BestFriendsVet :
Since it seems as though she is stable, I don't think this is urgent enough to take her to the ER. On the other hand, if she starts to have trouble breathing and her gums are no longer pink, you should consider going.

If she's still having these episodes in the morning and still won't eat (and her lethargy is worse), I'd call her vet.

JACUSTOMER-1bnhbksb- :
That is exactly what I was thinking ,, just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking something !

BestFriendsVet :
Well you know your dog best and I'm sure it's worrying you that she's ill.

If she needs to go to her vet in the morning, he or she might prescribe something for inflammation (in her throat) and perhaps some antibiotics. But hopefully this will just pass and be better in the morning.

JACUSTOMER-1bnhbksb- :
Your right.. Thank you for your help...actually she is my son's dog ... he is disabled so she is the world to him

BestFriendsVet :
Well I'm glad I could be of assistance. Take care and have a nice evening