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David Janssen
David Janssen,
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what are symptoms of dog broken hip

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what are symptoms of dog broken hip

Hello, and thanks for writing in.

What happened to Lucy?

What symptoms is she showing?


Dr. Dave

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
she had surgery to be fixed/spayed on tuesday jan,9th today she fell out of my arms onto a concrete floor. She favors her back right leg. It sounded like the fall knocked the wind out of her, She picks up her back right leg when se wals and when she lays down she brings her leg in and underher. She wants to be outside even though she is a house dog she is having dificulty going in and out a doggy magnetic dog

Thanks for your reply. Sorry this happened to Lucy. There are a few things that can happen to cause pain and limping after a fall, such as a fracture (hip, leg bone, pelvis, etc.), a dislocated hip joint, or a soft tissue injury (strain, sprain, bruise, etc.) The symptoms can look very similar, especially in a small dog, since their legs are so short. Really the only way to find out specifically what is going on, is to have Lucy examined and have X-rays taken of her pelvis and hind leg - because, specific treatment is decided upon after knowing exactly what the underlying problem is. It may involve pain medication and rest, a splint, or surgery. The sooner you can get her examined, the better, especially if her hip is dislocated, because the faster it's attempted to be put back in place, the better chance there is of it going back in without surgery. Please don't give any human pain relievers, as they can be toxic to dogs. Just keep her quiet for the day (if you are not able to get her seen today - at an ER clinic or on-call veterinarian). You can also use cold compresses on the affected area (ice cubes or ice pack wrapped in a hand towel) for a few minutes, a few times during the day.

I hope this helps.

Dr. Dave

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