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My dog has had elevated liver enzymes and a high white blood

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My dog has had elevated liver enzymes and a high white blood cell count. He has ran numerous blood tests, x-rays, ultrasound and cannot find any reason for the test results. He has had her on antibiotics but they have not helped the white blood cell count. She does seem to feel better while she is on them. Now he just wants to try Prednisone therapy. Shouldn't she be on an antibiotic also?
Hello there,

How high were the liver enzymes?

Have they been rechecked to see if they are going up or coming down?

How high was the white cell count?

Does she have any symptoms of illness?

Did she have a fever?

Have you pulled any ticks off the dog recently?

Has the dog been screened for Cushing's disease?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I don't know the numbers. I just know that her liver enzymes are above the the maximum & have gotten higher while on 20 mg prednisone a day. The white blood cell count has been the same (a little high, don't know exact numbers) since November.
She started acting lethargic at the end of November & shivering. Took her in for check up & he gave her some pain meds.

Dec. 14 - I accidentally gave her 500 mg Naproxen, which she then threw up blood a couple of days later. He prescribed antibiotics then & checked everything, kidneys, urine, blood. Said everything was fine except the elevated white blood cell count & a little abnormal liver enzyme count.

She did not throw up anymore, but stopped eating & we took her back to vet on 12 - 22, he did an ultrasound, intestinal parasite test, & pancreatitis test, blood draw & CBC, of which got same results. Prescribed antibiotic & appetite stimulant which did not help. Took her back on 12/27 as she was running a temp of 105. Gave her zeniquin. She continued to have a mild temp for another week at which point he put her on 20 mg. of Prednisone.

Her appetite has increased, she is still feeling a little lethargic & seems to not feel quite as good now that she's off the antibiotics. I have changed her diet to Dr. Becker's protocol, but cooked. I am feeding her 3 parts lean turkey or lean beef, 1 part greens, veggies, & pumpkin (no grains) and fruits, along with suplements (along with yogurt, salmon, sardines, enzymes, vitamin C, Krill oil, etc.
The prednisone can cause the elevated liver enzymes and white count. If the white count is not above 30,000 infection is unlikely. Slight elevations are seldom a major concern. If the dog stays on prednisone the liver values will not likely come down. The Naproxen could easily have caused the liver value issues. it also could have caused stomach ulcers which would cause the loss of appetite. Damage as a result of the Naproxen could cause elevated liver values for several weeks while the liver heals. Now that prednisone has been started they may not return to normal until that has been stopped. In cases where the values do not come down Cushing's disease should be ruled out by a special test that needs to be sent off to a larger lab. The fever does not always mean there is infection. If the fever resolves while on antibiotics they should be continued until the fever breaks. As long as the fever is present the appetite will be affected.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Would you take her off Prednisone & give her an antibiotic to see if the liver & white blood cell count comes down or would you continue an increased dose to see if it helped her, to see if she has some autoimmune thing going on?
Her liver enzymes & white blood cell count were out of the norm before the Naproxen.
They likely used prednisone for the fever and as an appetite stimulant. I would not be concerned about the white count unless it was close or over 30,000. The liver enzymes can be elevated by a long list of things. The tests already done have ruled out alot of them. If there is no improvement in appetite, behavior or blood tests I would take the dog off prednisone and test for adrenal gland problems. The steroids will affect test results the antibiotics will not. The antibiotics are not going to hurt anything if they are continued and the dog seems better when on them.
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