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Dr. Norman Bayne
Dr. Norman Bayne, Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
Satisfied Customers: 635
Experience:  Doctorate in veterinary medicine and licensed in MI & UT; I will do my absolute best to help you.
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My dog is making gurgling noise when she breathes. It sounds

Resolved Question:

My dog is making gurgling noise when she breathes. It sounds like something stuck in her throat. She also keep throwing up mucus like clear liquid. It started yesterday and we took her to the vet immediately. All her blood works came out okay (accept for dehydration). She was given med for vomiting and sent home. After several hour she started vomiting again... What should I do?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Norman Bayne replied 5 years ago.

Dr. Norman Bayne :

Welcome to name isXXXXX a licensed veterinarian, and will do my absolute best to assist you.

Customer: Thanks dr
Dr. Norman Bayne :

So sorry to learn about this problem. Do you know what medication your vet put her on for the vomiting?

Customer: Cerenia inj
Customer: And we got cerenia 24 mg and famotidine tabs home with us
Customer: We were told to give these meds to her the next day
Customer: The vet did idexx CBC, chem 10, snap cpl 10 tests on her
Dr. Norman Bayne :

That is good. Cerenia was a good choice, but why don't we hold off on it for a bit. You can give her the famotidine (Pepcid A/C) every 12 hours. How much does she weigh?

Dr. Norman Bayne :

What did the tests show?

Customer: 34 lbs
Customer: Mostly normal. Except for RBC, HCT, HGB (high), alb (high), and eos (low)
Dr. Norman Bayne :

You can give her 10 mg every 12 hours. I also recommend withholding all food for at least 12 hours; you may already be doing this. When her vomiting stops, give her boiled chicken breast, turkey, or lean ground beef mixed with white rice in a 50/50 mixture; these should be very small meals 5-6 times per day. Then gradually wean her back on her regular food combining the rice mixture with her food.

Dr. Norman Bayne :

Looks like she is also dehydrated; probably due to the vomiting. Can you get some pedialyte?

Customer: She still making that gurgling sounds
Dr. Norman Bayne :

From a pharmacy.....

Customer: Seems like she's ver discomfort
Dr. Norman Bayne :

Are the gurgling sounds only when she is vomiting?

Customer: We did everything you suggested allready
Dr. Norman Bayne :

When are the gurgling sounds happening; when she vomits or all the time?

Customer: Pedialyte she refused to drink it, we had no choice but gave her some water
Dr. Norman Bayne :

Does she drink the water?

Customer: We took her (and her brother) to day care yesterday for about five hours. They've been going to that place for over a year. When we picked her up they said she vomited once. But she seems okay to them. After er took her home, we noticed her strange breathing noise and she vomited again. We immediately took her to the vet
Customer: Yes, she drinks water fine
Dr. Norman Bayne :

But sounds like she vomits it right back up.

Customer: Well, well she back home, the vomit stopped for several hours (she was sleeping). We woke her up to tryi to force her to drink some pedialite, but instead she threw up. Since she refused to drink the pedialite, so we let her drink some water. She's been sleeping since..
Customer: But I can still hear the gurgling sounds when she sleeps
Dr. Norman Bayne :

Has the vomiting subsided a little bit?

Customer: Not really (but she's asleep now, I don't want to wake her up)
Dr. Norman Bayne :

You should probably take her back to the ER. May be that she aspirated some of her vomitus into her respiratory tract and needs further treatment for that....they may have to keep her overnight.

Dr. Norman Bayne :

That would explain the gurgling sounds.

Customer: I guess my question is, her vet also check her respiratory tract before and he said it seems fine to every time after vomits, her throat sounds clear for a short period of time..
Dr. Norman Bayne :

May be she aspirated the vomitis after returning home from the ER. Did she have both vomiting and gurgling sounds when she went to the ER or just vomiting?

Customer: Yes, both vomiting and gurgling
Dr. Norman Bayne :

If the gurgling is very bad and she is in distress, you should return to the ER. If she is sleeping quietly it may be okay to just watch her removing food as both of us have recommended. Watch to see if the vomiting lets up and the gurgling sounds dissapate.

Customer: She has no fever, but it seems like her body' felt cold.
Dr. Norman Bayne :

Do you have a thermometer you can devote to taking her rectal temperature?

Customer: We took her temp before she went to bed and its normal
Dr. Norman Bayne :

How long has she been sleeping (without waking up and vomiting)?

Customer: About 5 hours
Dr. Norman Bayne :

I recommend just observing her; sounds like she is not in distress from the gurgling sounds or she would not sleep. If they get worse take her back to the ER right away. See if they diminish over the next day.

Customer: Do you also have a second recommendation for electrolyte replacement? She really doesn't like pedialyte
Dr. Norman Bayne :

Water is fine if she drinks it.

Customer: Okay, thanks dr for your helps
Dr. Norman Bayne :

You are so very welcome. Good luck with her.

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