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Dr. Peter
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Lhasa Apso: My 8 year..her rear legs since yesterday morning..usual

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My 8 year old Lhasa Apso has been dragging her rear legs since yesterday morning. One side more than another. She does not seem to be in any pain, and is her usual happy self. She does not have any other symptoms. Could she have had a stroke?
Hello, I am Dr. Peter a licensed Veterinarian. I would like to help. I need to ask you a few questions to be well informed and give you the best advice. There is no additional charge for information request.

1- Is she able to stand on her back legs?
2- Any pre existing medical conditions?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No pre-existing conditions. She can support herself on her back legs for a very short amount of time (less than 1 minute). When she walks her back legs are dragging like she cannot control them. Also her left foot appears to be drooping downward. Her tail wags just fine. While eating her supper tonight, she sat and ate instead of standing.
Did these symptoms come on quickly or she has been having problems with her back legs for some time?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
She was fine until yesterday morning when I woke up and brought her outside to go the bathroom. I noticed it AFTER she went to the bathroom and her left leg was dragging a bit and she could not navigate up the stairs. She is not incontinent in case that was going to be your next question.
The symptoms that you are describing are consistent with a pinch nerve along the spinal cord (intervertebral disc disease). Less likely, it could related to the hips (dislocated???). I do not believe this is related to a stroke.
I would highly recommend you consider having her checked as soon as you can by a veterinarian. If this is related to a pinch nerve, the sooner she receives treatment (steroids) the better chances of a full recovery. Consider taking her to the nearest ER veterinarian. Not much you will be able to do at home for her.

If you have additional questions I will be glad to answer them.

Dr. Peter
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