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I know my dog has an ear infection, and it has spread to his

Customer Question

I know my dog has an ear infection, and it has spread to his eye, I dont have the money to take him to the vet anything I can do for him at home to keep him comfortable till I can get him to the vet?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Scarlett replied 6 years ago.
Can I get a little more information?
Can you describe the ear infection to me--what color discharge, is he shaking his head, is the ear red, etc. And what is going on with the eye that you think the infection has spread?
Has Macoby had ear or eye problems in the past?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.



Thanks so much for responding! Yes Macoby has had ear infections before, he is a Bernese Mountain dog they are prone to ear infections so I have been told. His ear is red, has discharge from it almost looks like snot and he shakes his head and also keeps it to the right side when he walks, the flap of his ear is red and there is a bad smell . His eye has hair loss around it and discharge coming from it same green snot color..


Thank you so much

Expert:  Dr. Scarlett replied 6 years ago.
Poor Macoby!
The "snot" appearance of the ear discharge sounds more like a bacterial infection in the ear, rather than the more common yeast infection. Bacterial infections are more serious than yeast and can be harder to treat and are more likely to cause an inner ear infection.

It isn't typical at all for an ear infection to spread into the eye, but since it is likely bacterial, my guess is that Macoby has rubbed his ear and spread the bacteria into his eye (either with his paw or by rubbing his head on the floor).

There isn't a lot you can do at home--he really needs to have a vet look at the ear, determine by cytology what is growing down there, and then prescribed medication. Most of the time it is a topical antibiotic/steroid combination (do you have any medication from past infections you could start using?), but sometimes orally antibiotics are prescribed. This might be the case since the skin around his eye is also affected. And he'll probably need antibiotic eye drops, too.

Flushing the ears is fine, but anything that has alcohol or vinegar (or smells like either of those) is going to hurt Macoby. I would recommend, instead, finding an ear flush containing ketoconazole and tris EDTA. I don't think you can find this OTC at a pet store, but I know at my vet clinic you can buy it without a prescription. Fill the ear canal with this cleanser and massage well at the base of the ear. Leave it in for at least 10 min (it is ok if he shakes), then wipe it out using cotton balls (NO swabs ever!!!!). I would do this twice a day until you can get him to the vet.

You can also rub some hydrocortisone cream on his ear flap to help with some of the pain and redness.

But try to get some money scraped together to get him to a vet this week. That is a really painful ear and the sooner you can get things healing, the better off and more comfortable Macoby will be.

Good luck!