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I want to know if I can wrap my dogs leg for her sprain, as

Resolved Question:

I want to know if I can wrap my dogs leg for her sprain, as you would for when we would get a sprain?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Dan replied 6 years ago.

Thanks for using, I'm Dr. Dan and I'll try to help you.

What joint or muscle group did the vet say was sprained?

Dr. Dan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Her right hind quarters , she sprained she kinda jumped down a hole and then jumped out and the next day she started limping I know that knothing is broken ! she is just limping that is, why I am giving her the zanax to keep her calm! you know labs they dont care how they feel when they see people and they want to play they will jump all over ya to play !


So yes it is her rear right hind quatersthat she has sprainded!

Expert:  Dr. Dan replied 6 years ago.
Typically it is not advisable to wrap a dogs leg unless a joint is dislocated for sure. Wraps on dogs tend to cause more pain and irritation than they help because dogs are so much more mobile. Ice is best at this point in order to calm any inflammation. Since we don't know which joint or muscle group is the problem we may be wrapping the wrong part of the leg and you can't wrap a whole rear leg. The best thing to use for a sprain is to use an anti inflammatory medication to remove the swelling from the sprain to help it heal better.

What has me worried, is if she is not recovering is her knee. Falling in a hole is a common way to tear a knee ligament which will not be fixed by wraps, ice, xanax or glucosamine. She should have her knee evaluated and better pain medication started.

Dr. Dan
Dr. Dan and 5 other Dog Veterinary Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Ok so dont wrap it I am ok giving her the glucosamine and zanax? What kind of pain med would you thing would be putting her on? I am just wondering?

And do you think that when she went into the whole whe mighthave done some damage to her knee maybe torn her acl or something sililairto that? Also do ya think I should take her to the vets office and het het xrayed?

Expert:  Dr. Dan replied 6 years ago.
You can certainly give the glucosamine it is a good thing, I would not give the zanax.

I would probably putting her on an Nsaid (Metacam, Deramaxx, Previcox or Rimadyl) and maybe tramadol depending on how much pain we are talking about.

Yes it is possible she damaged her ACL

I definitely think she needs to be seen by a vet, the xray will depend on where the pain is located to be.

Dr. Dan
Dr. Dan and 5 other Dog Veterinary Specialists are ready to help you