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my dog all of a sudden could not walk on her back legs I took

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my dog all of a sudden could not walk on her back legs I took her to the er vet friday morning they told me she had reflex in her legs they put her on miscle relaxers steriods and pain killer since sat when she started the steriods now she does not move even her front legs and she has no voice left when she barks it looks like she has gotten worse not better should I have her put down ?
Hello there,

Sorry to hear about your situation.

What tests were done?

What breed of dog?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
they didnt do any tests as i am on unemployment so couldnt afford the 240 plus the 189. it costs to take her in they said it was probably her back a sliped disk? she is a small poodle mix she used to be able to stand on her front legs now she doesnt she just lays there I feed her and give her water while she i laying down she does have a good appetite they said the steriods would help her and it seems they havent and I dont want her to suffer but she is alert just doesnt move
Is she able to urinate and defecate on her own?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
she goes on her own while she is laying there usually when she defecates it seems like she is in pain so i will pick her up and sort of have her like sitting up then she goes also they have me giving her pecid once a day as about 11 pm untill like 7am she went three times so I usally put her bottom in sink to clean her same with when she urinates
The problem is most likely a disk problem. They are common in small breed dogs. When only the back legs are affected in means a disk in lumbar spine has ruptured. When all the legs are affected in means a disk in the neck has ruptured. Jumping off the couch is enough to rupture a disk. There are other things that can cause ascending paralysis but they are much less common and do not happen this quickly. When a disk goes bad it can take weeks to months to fully recover. Some dogs improve 100% and some only enough to be able to get around. If she is eating and able to eliminate on her own I would give her more time. it is possible she will not get better but at this point it is too soon to tell. I've seen dogs totally paralyzed up and running around a month later with proper treatment. The meds she is on are what is needed. If she does lose sensation in the legs and the ability to eliminate on her own, euthanasia then needs to be considered.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
thankyou so much just one more thing it is ok i just let her lay there and i move her from side to side and how would i tell if she has sensation? i do lay her down with her head on a pillow she moves her eyes around to see and could she not be using her front legs from bieng off of them for days? and can I contact you again if needed? so I should give her more time and one more thing her bark is gone???
You should move her several times a day but gently so further injury does not occur. If you pinch the toes hard and she pulls the feet back there is still sensation. The front legs will not have problems that quickly unless a disk problem has occurred. Dogs with rear leg paralysis can still pull themselves around with the front ones. The bark is controlled by a nerve and paralysis there is also possible. It is not a good sign but recovery is still possible. I would give her at least another week to look for some sign of improvement. You can add onto this thread at any time after logging in to your question list.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

if it is the nerves for her bark would any of that affect her getting better better with her back? sorry to keep aking questions I just dont want her to suffer also the vet said it was ok to feed her a hot dog and baby food and should I let her eat as much as she wants?

All the symptoms she has are related to nerve problems. The medicine she is on treats inflammation in all the nerves the same. She will either respond to the medication over time or will not. These are always cases of 'Only time will tell'. I would not feed her any more than what she usually eats. She will need even less calories since she is not moving much. If she will eat her regular food, that is what I would give. Baby food is OK. Hot dogs are very bad for dogs and should never be given.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
ok thankyou so much I will give her time and no more hot dogs . thankyou
You are very welcome. Good Luck!
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