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Denise Colgrove
Denise Colgrove, Veterinarian
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My 13-year old male Beagle has a dry cough that is very peristant.

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My 13-year old male Beagle has a dry cough that is very peristant. He has been coughing for several hours now.

History: My wife and I just came back from a weeks vacation. After returning home from picking up our three Beagles (the male @ 13-years, two females @ 11-years) from our local Vet/Boarding facility; it has been just the male that has acuired this repetitive 'dry cough'. While boarded, they all received their 'annuals' - physicals, vacinations, blood work, etc. There has been no history of coughing in any of our dogs, so I am concerned about the situation. All of them regularly receive their Boardatella vacinations and boosters, and upon picking them all up mid-day on Saturday all of them appeared to be in great health. In fact the paperwork given to us with the analysis of their conditions indicates that the male is in perfect health given his age, although it was suggested that he needs teeth cleaning. Now with his 'age' in mind, coupled with the 'hoarseness' in his voice, I am concerned that all the coughing will lead to further distress. Since this is 2:26am on a Sunday morning, I am wondering if there is something I can do to bring him some relief before I can get him into our local vet's office on Monday. Any suggestions would be appreciated... and any 'home remedies' to try and help allieviate his coughing would be welcome too.

Thank you,

Hi There,

You can give him people cough syrup. Something with Dextrometorphan in it to suppress the cough. Robitussin DM or Vick's Formula 44 are good. You ould also try a Benadryl to calm him and make him sleepy. 1 mg per pound of body weight 2 times a day. the cough syrup would be a child's dose 4 times a day.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you Doctor Colgrove... Bacardi has responded well to the cough medicine (Delsym - 1/2 teaspoon oral injection). The bottle says that it wasn't reccomended for children under 12-years of age, so I only gave him 1/2 of the dosage suggested for the 'over 12' children. But the cough ceased within a short period of time. And as for the Benadryl, I gave him a single (tablet) light dose too as he weighs 44 lbs (sorry - I should have said that earlier) and I didn't want to give him two 25mg tablets. He finally fell asleep just a short time ago. His breathing is now regular so I'm thinking that if I continue to watch him throughout today (Sunday) that he will get some rest and perhaps work through this. However, I am still planning a possible trip back to our Vet's office on Monday if the condition persists. So, thank you doctor for your advice. The service you have provided is very appreciated.
So glad he is resting now and now you can too. And you are very welcome. Good Night.