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Rebecca, Dog Veterinarian
Category: Dog Veterinary
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Experience:  More than 30 years of companion animal practice.
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My dog drank almond milk. What should I do

Resolved Question:

My dog drank almond milk. What should I do?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Rebecca replied 6 years ago.

Rebeccavet :

Hi JACustomer

Rebeccavet :

Almonds are not toxic to dogs; there should be no problem, as long as there was no chocolate or raisins or artificial sweetener like xylitol in the milk.

Rebeccavet :

Xylitol is very poisonous to dogs, but is mostly found in chewing gum.

Customer: There were a couple of raisins in the milk. I put my bowl down for a moment and saw him drinking it. He may have had 7-10 licks.
Rebeccavet :

Raisin toxicity is a weird one; most of the time dogs eat raisins, or grapes and have no problem, but sometimes it causes irreversible kidney failure, which is usually fatal. However, one or two raisins should not be a problem. Check the label of the milk to be sure that there is no artificial sweetener in it. If not, there should not be a problem.

Customer: What type of artificial ingredients should I be looking for in the Almond milk?I don't see anything that catches my eye like Sweet and Low.
Rebeccavet :


Customer: The box of milk also says 'All natural'.
Rebeccavet :

If there were artificial sweeteners, it would not say that. If there were xylitol in it, it would be listed as an ingredient, so you should be fine and not have to do anything. If Rocket is not used to the almond milk, it might give him some gas or diarrhea, but I would expect nothing more than that, and probably not even that.

Customer: No Xylitol...thank goodness. Should I look out for any possiable side effects?
Rebeccavet :

Just the slight chance of the above mentioned gas and diarrhea, but I doubt you will see even that.

Rebeccavet :

Any other questions I can answer for you or Rocket?

Rebeccavet :

If so, please ask away!

Rebeccavet :

If not, please consider accepting my answer. Otherwise, the website does not pay me for answering your question. I hope you and Rocket have a good evening. Rebecca

Rebeccavet :

Can I answer anything else for you?

Customer: Yes. A couple of weeks ago sweet Rocket had red circles around his eyes. He looked like he had a 'mask' on. My brother took him to the vet. She says it may be allergies.
Rebeccavet :

That is the most likely reason for lesions around both eyes. It could have been an insect bite or sting, or a reaction to something he ate.

Customer: I was giving him Beggin' Strips for a couple of weeks. He loves them! Could he have reaction to that?
Rebeccavet :

It could have been anything. If he has eaten Beggin Strips since then without reacting, then that is not the problem.

Rebeccavet :

It is more likely to have been whatever he ate just before he broke out.

Rebeccavet :

But a sting or insect bite would be high on my list of possibilites.

Customer: I forgot to tell you that he was itching his ears as well.
Rebeccavet :

That is very consistent with an allergic reaction

Rebeccavet :

Is he better now?

Rebeccavet :

Anything else?

Customer: do you know what type of allergy he has? I know it may be too difficult to say because you haven't physically seen him. What ingredients should i loom for in the begin strips? I just want to see if it was indeed
Customer: The beggin strips
Rebeccavet :

No. Again, a reaction to a food, or (even more likely) and insect bite or sting is what I would most suspect.

Rebeccavet :

The only way to tell if it was the Beggin Strips is to give him one, and see if he reacts or not. That is really the only way to tell. However, I just think it is unlikely he would suddenly react to something he has eaten for a long time.

Rebeccavet :

Usually food allergies are to specific ingredients, like beef, so any food containing beef would cause the reaction. Other common food allergies are wheat, corn, and soy. Dogs can also have allergies to multiple foods.

Customer: Good he loves them! I just want to say how thrilled and thankful I am to find 'Just Ask Dog Veterinarians and subsequently had you as Rocket's vet.
Rebeccavet :

Glad to hear that!

Rebeccavet :

Please consider accepting when we are done, so the website compensates me for chatting with you. Rocket has a good owner!

Customer: Have a wonderful weekend!
Rebeccavet :

You, too.

Rebeccavet :

Way past my bedtime now, and my dog is begging to go out. Whether you accept or not, it has been a pleasure to chat with you. Thanks for the kind words. Rebecca

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