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Is Stevia safe for dogs if they eat it?

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Will Stevia hurt dogs if they eat it? I usually give them a little bit of my leftover yogurt and I've recently started using Stevia instead of honey or agave.

Hi there,


Thank you for your question regarding giving Stevia for dogs. I assume you are talking about the artificial sweetener. One artificial sweetener in particular is very toxic to dogs - this is xylitol and any products containing xylitol should definitely be avoided. Stevia is actually pretty safe but can cause an osmotic diarrhea, so although it isn't going to cause the toxicity that xylitol would, it still isn't very ideal.


If you really want to give something like this - I would recommend a small amount of honey. This is very safe and tasty enough for your Lab boy!


I hope this helps.


Kind Regards

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Stevia is all natural and I know that the other artificial sweeteners are very dangerous. What is osmotic diarhea and other than that would you be concerned with Stevia? I like to let them each get a few licks of my bowl.
The osmotic diarrhea is the only noted side effect of Stevia in dogs. Osmotic diarrhea occurs due to the nature of the molecules of Stevia drawing water from the body into the lumen of the colon (osmosis) that results in looser feces for this reason. This in itself wouldn't be a huge problem unless your dogs had ongoing loose feces as a result!


Dr Edwards