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My 13 year old female lab has swollen stomach, cannot stand on hind legs, drinks lots of w

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My 13 year old female lab has swollen stomach, cannot stand on hind legs, drinks lots of water but will not eat. last night she laid prone on floor and still today. I stand her up but she shakes an falls down. She does not show pain, when I lift her by the stomach. I gave her Ascription pill in her last water. She has hind leg arthritis and got over this once before after Ascription. She drinks lots of water but it has been in the 80's for a week. I have her in AC room now. Could this be Kidney failing or flipped stomach?She has not vomited but had bowel movement 10 hras ago.Please advise

Hello and thank you for asking your question on just answer. My name isXXXXX will try to help.


Did her stomach suddenly swell today or has that been going on for a while?


What color are her gums?


How is her breathing?


How much does Molly weigh?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have dial up please be patient

Stomach swollen in last 24 hrs
her gums lite pink, looks normal
Normal breathing in AC room, last 3 day no AC fst breating.
She weight 72 lbs

From Art

Thanks Art.


It does not sounds like "bloat" or a twisted stomach. When they have that, they vomit repeatedly until they start dry heaving. Then they keep dry heaving and can not stop.


There are a lot of things that can cause her abdomen to distend.


Most of the causes are fairly serious. She could have right sided congestive heart failure.

She could have liver or kidney disease. She could have tumors in her abdomen or chest.


There is no way you can diagnose this at home. She needs chest x-rays, and abdominal x-rays, to check for heart failure and tumors. She also needs blood work to check her liver, kidney, spleen, and for internal bleeding.


If she has heart failure, there are medications to help her heart work more effectively.


If she had tumors, they may be able to remove them but if they are large then the prognosis is poor.


If she has liver or kidney disease, it will have to be treated symptomatically but usually can not be cured.


The arthritis would not cause her abdomen to distend.


So, I am more concerned with her abdominal distension than I am with her arthritis.


She needs to see a vet first thing in the morning if not today at the emergency clinic.



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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
She does urinate in the house sometimes in her sllep for 1 or 2 days. then is goes away for a week or 2. The last time I mentioned it to the vet she says she may need blood work.
Does that shed any more lite.

Please advise?

Urinating in her sleep could be because she is incontinent and the muscles can not hold the urine in or she is drinking so much water that she can not help it. Could be kidney disease, adrenal gland disease, or diabetes.


Does her swollen abdomen come and go as well?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you we will see her vet tomorrow . Her tail is wagging when we talk to her but she can't get up.

See if you can get her to eat some human food. Try lunch meat, peanut butter, or cheese. You can also try canned dog food or a little cat food. They love cat food because it is all protein.


You can also give her a tablet of pepcid ac, or zantac, to reduce the amount of acid in her stomach which should help settle her stomach.


I think the vet will be able to run tests and give you peace of mind.