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Our Dachshund has just developed 2 swollen toes on a front

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Our Dachshund has just developed 2 swollen toes on a front paw. They are the 2 middle toes and she is not sensative or tender to touch. She can still walk on the foot. We had observed her licking and chewing at this paw the 2 days prior to the swelling. There are no sores or evidence of punctures and it is not hot or discolored, only swelled up so much looks like the toes may pop. There is loose pad skin on her main foot pad on that paw, but, no visible breaks or holes through the pad. Anything we can treat her with at home before the earliest Vet opening tomorrow?
Hello, welcome to JustAnswer! I am a Veterinarian and will help you right away!

Aspirin at 5mg per pound might help a little with the inflammation.

A cold foot soak with dilute betadine may also help with inflammation. Also, in case there is a puncture somewhere, this will help to soak into the tissue and start to help with that.

Of course, it is good idea to get a look at those toes in the office. Infection from a broken nail, puncture wound, allergic reaction, and local cancers are all possible!
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

How long to soak the foot and how often?

How dilute of a betadine solution? Is it available over the counter?

Soak for at about 5-10 minutes twice today.

The betadine should be diluted to a sort of weak tea color. And yes, you should be able to buy the betadine over the counter.

Hope that helps until tomorrow!

Also you might give 1 mg per pound of benedryl, just in case there is an allergic component here.

Why do these always happen on the weekend?