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Dr. Dan
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my dog gave birth two days ago and has a thick dark green discharge

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my dog gave birth two days ago and has a thick dark green discharge coming from her.really worried

Thanks for using, I'm Dr. Dan and I'll try to help you.

How is the mother feeling? Is she lethargic and sleepy and off her food? or is she eating, nursing and active?

Dr. Dan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
she is eating ok, seems to look unhappy not very active.. she is nursing puppies well all ten seem well.. very worried about the discharge because when she was pregnant she had a infection which was treated with antibiotics but never fully went, at that time vet said was well. thank you
One more question please.

Is the green a dark metallic green or a light green like pus?

Dr. Dan
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
dark metallic like tar ..
This can be a normal after birth discharge but should only last about 2 days so it should be going away very soon like by tomorrow. If the tarry discharge does not go away by tomorrow or seems to be getting more severe tonight then the vet needs to check her for a retained placenta. If a plancenta is retained (stuck) and this is more likely since she had an infection around pregnancy then the piece of stuck placenta can get infected causing her and her puppies to become very sick in the near future. Keep an eye on her, if not significantly slowing down by tomorrow then it's time to have her uterus checked.

I hope this helps, best wishes.
Dr. Dan
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