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How does a female dog reabsorb fetuses and when in the stage

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How does a female dog reabsorb fetuses and when in the stage of pregancy is this more likely to occur?
Fetal resorption can occur secondary to abnormal fetal development, infectious diseases, such as Brucellosis, inhospitable uterine environment (abnormal progesterone levels or uterine lining defects). The fetus dies and the fetal remains undergo enzymatic breakdown.

Fetal resorption generally occurs within the first half of gestation, which for a dog is between 63- 65 days. Once fetal skeletons are mineralized at 45 days gestation, fetal resorption is not likely to occur as bone is not easily broken down by the body.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I am concerned since she is about 30 days along...there doesn't seem to be much growth in her tummy...maybe I am expecting to much as she is only 4.5 pounds. She is getting very thin and I have been supplementing her with canned dog food. I feel with Iams kibbles and dog food. How much should she be eating?


At her size, a litter of 1 or 2 pups is generally all that is expected, particularly if this is her first pregnancy. However, toy and small breed dogs tend to "show" at an earlier stage because they are so small. Pregnancy becomes evident earlier on than in a 100 lb dog.

Your vet can detect pregnancy at 30 days via a blood test for a hormone called relaxin, via palpation, or via ultrasound exam. If you are concerned that she is not gaining any weight, then it's possible that the breeding did not take and she is not pregnant.

If she is pregnant, she should be eating a high quality Puppy food, as this has additional nutrients she needs for growth and maintenance of the pups as well as for milk production. At 30 days gestation, her daily food intake should be at least 2x what it was prior to pregnancy.
Most small breeds are grazers (pick a little bit throughout the day), but if your girl eats in meals, you should increase the the number of meals offered throughout the day. As the pups grow, the pressure against the stomach makes the dog feel full more quickly so they will eat less at each feeding.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
We did have an ultrasound at 25 days....he saw two...maybe three in there. I thought I saw more like maybe four but I am not a vet and would never profess to be...I leave food available for her all day but she seems to be turned off with the kibble. Should I be preparing her food myself? What high quality dog food would you recommend? Also I have read that she should be wormed at 40 days into the this safe?
If she is not interested in eating the kibble, than offer her canned food.
I would not recommend home-cooked food during pregnancy because it is vital that she receives a well-balanced, nutrient dense diet at this time. There is too much room for error in home-cooked fare under the best of circumstances; trying to balance calcium:phosphorus ratios, protein, fat, and carbohydrate ratios, and trace elements in a pregnant female is just too tricky without extensive study and consultation with a board certified veterinary nutritionist.

There are several good quality foods- Royal Canin, Evo, Innova, Diamond, Eagle Pak are all good brands.

Yes, de-worming is safe and recommended during pregnancy. Intestinal parasites may encyst in muscle at any point in the dam's lifestages; during stressful events like pregnancy, whelping, and nursing, these encysted parasites may recrudesce and infect the pups through the placenta or milk. De-worming every 2 weeks for 3 doses prior to whelping helps to cut down on possible transmission of intestinal parasites to the pups.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
She wouldn't have a miscarriage due to the worming...would she?
Pyrantel pamoate, the recommended de-wormer for pregnant dogs is classified as a Category A drug. Drugs in this category have been tested
and found to be safe for use during pregnancy. So, the de-worming would not cause a miscarriage.
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