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Dr. Loretta
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My 1 year old dog has had liquid poop (diarrhea) her last

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My 1 year old dog has had liquid poop (diarrhea) her last 3 bowel movements. She is not going to the bathroom anymore than she usually does. I checked tha back of her neck, and she does not appear to be dehydrated, and her energy levels are fine. Her first diarrhea was yesterday afternoon, followed by last night, and then this morning. I read that she should fast for a whole day? I am o k with not giving her food, but water too? (we live in Texas and it is summer time, so 100 degree afternoons) Any information would be great! Thanks

Good Morning and welcome to Just answer. I am Dr. Loretta, a licensed veterinarian and I am happy to answer your question.

From what you have told me, it does appear that December has a mild digestive disturbance. If this is minor and due to something she ate or stress, the best thing to do for now is to fast her for 24 hrs. At the same time, you can give Imodium AD 2 mg caplets at 1 caplet per 30 pounds of December’s weight given every 8 hrs.Water is ok to leave out. It will not hurt.

After the fast, feed a meal of boiled chicken ¼ and rice ¾. If this has helped, wean your girl onto the regular meal over 2 day’s period.

It is extremely important to have December seen immediately by a vet if she continues to have severe diarrhea. Even the dehydration from this can cause your girl severe complications.

If this is not successful, you will have to have your vet examine December to determine if there is something else such as a protozoa or infection that is causing this diarrhea.

Good Luck!

Sincerely, XXXXX XXXXX

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thanks for the Advice!

Going into a vet on a Sunday would not have been fun.

I gave her the Imodium, but I d have a followup question, just in case. Assuming "the worst" and she does not get better with fasting or meds. After how many days of this should I take her to the vet? (Diarrhea started Saturday afternoon)

If this persists for a few more days, take a stool sample into your vet....they will test it for protozoa and parasites and this will tell them what will be required. Your girl can have this diarrhea for a week without it hurting her as long as she remains hydrated. this will probably cure this diarrhea unless their is a parasite that your vet will have to treat,.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Dr. Loretta,

I just thought of somthing else that I had forgotten about early. I generally take December for a run/walk everyday. She has been playing fine with our other dog, so is it still ok for me to take her or would it be better for her to rest today?

If she is normal, eating well and active, there is no reason to not take her for her walk....this so far is a minor issue.