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Yesterday my dog started not wanting to walk up stairs or get

Resolved Question:

Yesterday my dog started not wanting to walk up stairs or get in the car. He's a five year old, 115 pound GSMD and I can't really carry him. He seems to have pain in his back legs. He's restless and wants to lay down, but it takes him a really long time. The pain seems to be much worse as he is sitting and then worse again as he lays down. I was able to walk him and he doesn't seem to have much pain when walking. I called my vet's emergency number yesterday when it was just the stairs and we both thought that it may be a stomach issue, but today his symptoms are definitely focused on his hind legs. I have physicaaly examined him with no reaction or findings.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Dog Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. Scott replied 6 years ago.
Hello there,

How many mg of aspirin was given?

Have you pulled any ticks off the dog recently?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I gave him 5 baby asprin based on 5 mg per pound. They were 18 mg. I have not pulled any tics off of him, nor found any in the checks that I've done yesterday and today.
Expert:  Dr. Scott replied 6 years ago.
If just the rear legs are affected, a disk problem or arthritic changes in the spine or arthritic changes in the hips would be most likely. Radiographs of both will be needed to rule it out. The aspirin dose is correct for the weight. It can be given every 12 hours as needed but should be given with food. If the radiographs are normal, Lyme disease and less common neuromuscular disorders then need to be ruled out.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you. The disc problem or the lyme disease I would imagine could happen pretty quickly. Can arthritic changes happen so fast and is he old enough for that?
Expert:  Dr. Scott replied 6 years ago.
The dog is past middle age for the breed. Arthritic changes start as fibrous build up. Once those areas start to calcify, any movement that aggravates the area can result in acute pain. Disks can go out at any time and age.
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